Today was awful! Absolutely Horrible!

School was crap & every teacher ticked me off. Even Anna. & I wanted to beat John to a pulp at lunch. GR! Stay out of my way unless you’re a bunny, Ginger, Jamie, or Teal! -Gnashes non-existant sharp teeth- Rawr!!!!!

& To make matters worse today I had my health poster due, which I completely forgot about, & tomorrow I have my Presidents paper due in U.S. History & I haven’t even started that! -Sob- Why does every teacher feel the need to assign the projects & actually make us do work when our brains are dying at the end of the year? -Sob- Then after school me & my mom went & emptied some boxes at the new house. I organized the spice cabinet & put all the spices on the bottom two circle shelves & medicine on the top circle shelf. But I only started doing work after much anger was exchanged between me & my mom. I was sitting on the mattress reading when she comes in & tells me to get some paper for my health poster. So I got up & went to get some paper. She gave me construction paper. Not poster paper, freaking construction paper. So that made me mad. Then as if to piss me off more she told me to draw & paint & be crafty with my poster since our printer is broken. Oho. Absolutely not. I Hate being crafty. So I then got Really mad & dropped the paper & went back to my room. Then later she comes in & takes the book from underneath my arms, throws the bookmark in, & yells at me to work on my poster. I said no & she got mad & we started yelling at each other. Then she took my book & Hid it from me! That’s when I got bored & angrily started working, in the kitchen unpacking boxes. I would rather dig my own grave the do a terrible job on a poster using paints & crap. So I emptied a lot of the boxes in the kitchen & organized the baking cupboard too ^^ I made a lot a progress & eventually stopped being so mad.

Then I went outside to the dock & visited the birdie nest again. The moomy bird, of course, flew away but as always I got a look at the nest. But instead of there being two eggs in there as usual there was one egg &….. a baby birdie! ^^ One of them had hatched! Oh I was so happy! I had noticed some very minor cracks in one of the eggs a few days ago & I had had been right about one hatching soon! ^^ So now I just have to wait for the other one to hatch. Which it’s in the smae condition as the first a=egg was a few days ago. Yee! I would’ve taken a picture of it but I didn’t have my camera with me -.- I’m gonna’ start taking that thing everywhere with me.

So my day ended in happiness & hopefully tomorrow is a better day. Bye!

3 Responses to “Bleh!”

  1. omg hi cool blog

  2. Aw! I’m sorry that you’re day was terrible!
    I want to see it so bad!!!

  3. Vampire7_2010: Hi! & Thanks! ^^

    Jamie: It’s okay -Shrug-
    & I Know!!!!!
    You’ll probably see it soon enough!

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