That’s  not how it’s really spelt, but it’s how I spell it ^^ Pronounced: Squee-gee. & I have a favorite squigi ^^

Last night I was So Not excited about the window washing today, buuuuut, It Was So Much Fun!!!!! I am not kidding! We did….. five houses? & I favorited this excellent & lucky silver colored squigi. me, Trissa, Candace, Ania, Lynnasia, Sister Kirtland (I’m sorry if I selled it wrong D;), & Megan & er, bishop went & cleaned what I think was five peoples’ windows. That Woman didn’t come & Sam & Morgan didn’t come, I don’t know why but they didn’t. But anyways, Candace also favorited a Megan’s red squigi, which Megan said was a lucky squigi but I say different. But the red squigi obviously decided that it would only work for Candace so she favorited that one ^^ & I have my silver & extendable squigi, which I named Berry. & Candace’s squigi’s name is Straw. Get it? =D Anyways! The last house that we window washed was easy & the lady gave us $100!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! None of us could! We made more money (The hundred plus whatever we get from the other houses) than we did at the car wash! Yay!

Also next week when we do the garage-bake sale we might hold that at Megan’s parents’ house since it’s in a good spot ^^ (I am So happy about that because it’s better than having it at That Woman’s house which is in the flippin’ boondocks). So I have lot’s of baking to do Friday night!

Also!  Megan said that I could babysit her adorable kids next Thursday! Whoo! & Megan said that Cassidy keeps asking when I’m going to come back XD something like “Mommy when is her with color coming back?” XD Something like that, which I find Hilarious! Maybe I should keep my color so that people can remember me XD

So I’m home now & have just finished off the Wanton Soup & I have the house so blissfully, to myself ^^ Bye!

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