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The day finally came! I went to Demi Lovato’s concert last Wednesday in Greensboro. I had been so excited about it for the longest and was so happy to go! I almost didn’t get to go because that morning I got a call that my mom got in a car accident on her lunch break and that she was in the hospital. So there I was crying in IHOP that morning… lol. I waited for my sister to call me back and tell me how bad it was. I was going to pass up the concert if it was bad but it wasn’t. She just had internal bruising and stiffness. What a relief…

I had floor seats in row 30 and the concert started on time at 7 and Jordan Pruitt was the first to open up. I didn’t think she was going to be at my show but she was! I love her too even though I only really know the choruses to some of her songs that were in some Original Disney Channel Movies. Then next up was David Archuletta… I don’t listen to him at all. The only American Idol I ever really listened to was Kelly Clarkson. So the only song of his I knew was his “Apologize” song. I don’t even know if that’s was it’s called… or “Too Late” lol. Anywho… We were all ready for Demi and every time we thought David was done he said something like “Now this next song…” A lot of people started to sit down during his last few songs. Finally he said Goodnight then everyone was shouting DEMI! DEMI! DEMI! Next thing you know, ”There will now be a 20 min intermission” and all you could hear was “awwwwww!” Lol.

Finally she came out at like 8:30 or 9! I stood up the entire time wearing heels. I never wear heels because I suck at walking in them lol but I decided to wear some that night. I had so much fun! I swear every song she started to sing I got excited and called each one my song. All her songs are my song! She sang songs from “Don’t Forget” and from her new albulm “Here We Go Again.” She pulled a little girl on stage to sing “This Is Me” from Camp Rock with her. It was so freakin cute! Demi kept making little jokes all night. She cracked me up when she was walking back up the stairs and said that she had never seen so many dad’s dance in her life and she almost couldn’t keep a straight face. It was soooo true! I didn’t want the concert to end but it had to. :/

Afterwards Jordan Pruitt was sitting out in the arena to do autographs but by the time we got there there was a longgg line so I just took a picture of her. I wish Demi would of been out there. Better yet I wish I would of been able to buy a meet and greet pass but they were too expensive. I would just like to hang out with her for a day! She seems like she would be super fun to be friends with. O_O That will never happen though! Sucks… lol.

I took loads of pictures but I’ll just post some… They might not be that great because I was trying to dance and snap pics at the same time lol. ^_^

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(Excuse my look, just got off work) I know some of you could probably care less… but I am STILL excited even though I got the tickets a while ago and probably will be until after the show. Yes sirrr! I get to see Demi Lovato July 29th. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to even go since she isn’t coming to my city butttt I talked someone into taking me to another city that’s like an hour or so away! *throws confetti* They are floor seats so I should be able to see her good! I’ll probably still have to wear my glasses though so I can see her clearly lol. I have astigmatism. Now if only I could take noliai with me! ^_^



hello everyone. = ]

okay so.. last thursday i went to Kanye Wests Glow In The Dark Tour.. yay ! umm..

glow in the dark tour

Lupe Fiasco, N.E.R.D, & Rihanna [which i LOVED every single minute of] were all there. even Chris Brown made an appearance dancing on stage while Pharrell was performing. my friend about DIED when she realized it was him. haha. BUT i didnt get any pictures because i had a SUCKY camera. hmph. i had a good time though. i loved kanyes stage set up.. it was all mountainous like in his video.. = ]. he did a great performance. & we got a litte book at the end of the show that he wrote along with someone else titled “thank you and youre welcome.” its actually a good little book filled with his thoughts and sayings.

kanyes book

then on saturday i bought myself a NEW camera. woot. wish i could have bought it before thursday.. lol. but i didnt have enough money then. i love it ! its hot pink. i wanted to get this cherry blossom hello kitty digital camera on ebay but it was like 300 & something dollars.. soooo i just got the closest thing i could get to it.. a pink camera. lol. it takes great pictures too.. & videos. = ] oh.. and i also bought some hello kitty jewelry– a ring, necklace, & earrings on saturday from claires.. i went to look for a belly button ring but no hello kitty ones as usual. = /

hello kitty jewelry

mothers day– i bought my mom a gold necklace that said mom.. she loved it. = ].. we went to my sisters house to have a cookout & whatnot.. but.. some misunderstandings & arguements happened sooo.. everyone ending up going home including my mom.. :(. i was sad too because i was excited about that day for some reason.. oh well.. that happening is nothing new..

last week i finished my HKOContest trailer.. tried to save it to my computer in video form on windows movie maker.. but it was being stupid & wouldnt save all of the slides.. it would just stop at a certain point but the rest of the music would keep playing. ughhh. i was so irritated to the point that i didnt want to do it anymore.. i just said forget it ! but this morning i remembered my mom has WMM on her laptop so i saved it from the other computer on to my rewritable disk & brought it to my moms. & it saved right ! :). i guess it was just the other dumb computer.. lol. i was going to make another video too but.. i dont know now.. that first video made me mad because of the whole not saving issue.. well see….. theres still a long time until the deadline.

& i still cannot wait for HKO to become opennnnn ! grr.

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