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So from the looks of the blog post, HKO US/C is down. Hopefully everything will be fixed when it comes back up.

For those that do not know, the server has been d/c like crazy lately. We had a way to predict it though. First thing that would happen would be that the guild chat would completely stop working. That was the sign that the server would d/c soon. So everytime it stopped working someone would be like “guild chat stopped working… get ready for d/c.” It happened like… idk 5 times while I was on yesterday… when I was actually able to get on. Not only did the server just d/c, when you were able to get back on there was a roll back every single time. All those quests you JUST finished, gone. If you were working on building your house, your progress was rewinded back to where you were earlier. Not sure about the length of time it went back though. I just decided I would not do anything until it was fixed. We all just sat around, talked, and pretty much waited for the d/c’s. Fun right? D:

This happened a while ago, but as you can see I have been too lazy to blog lol. Some guildies started helping me out with building my house and then it turned into an event spot! o.o I like to refer to it as “Tee Party!” xD The event was ran by MelodyxDance and I think it was like a “Guess Who” GM event… can’t remember! I ended up winning a pet card though ^^

After a while people slowly started to leave…

Almost done!…

Ta da! Brand new Sundae Sprinkle Cone house!

I <3 it! nomnomnom! *_*

Now… I need loads of furniture to fill my three rooms!

Playing SEA’s CL for the first time today! xD


Can you spot what’s wrong?!

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