Guess I didn’t make full use of sanrio blog after all. I would really love to blog over here but my computer doesn’t allow me to enter the blog site. No idea why. Sadly, it meant I could only do it on my laptop. What a bother! and ohh my, I think I am falling in love with the song ‘Choco Latte’. Blame it on Superstar Libra! They played it again and again. But it’s a cute song alright.  

Yours truly went onboard cruise (this time round, it’s Superstar Libra!) for a 5 days 4 night cruise and disembarked yesterday (Wednesday). I’m still having sea sick, feels like I’m floating. But, I like it! Haha! Anyway, this cruise trip was a treat from sister to celebrate dearest Mummy birthday. Happy birthday my greatest Mummy! You’re loved! Oh yeah, back to the cruise, I enjoyed myself to the fullest as always. I bet you people know how much I love the waves, the numerous sun tanning sessions, soaking in Jacuzzi pool, random board games, buffets, the great opportunity for family bonding sessions, watching the sunset and chilling out at the disco and lounge. Not forgetting a couple of good books to keep me company while I get my tans done. I ate a lot this time yes, I meant A LOT alright. Apart from the meals at an interval of 2 hours, family went over to other chargeable restaurant to get some snacks, cocktails (uh, I meant mocktail. cant drink.) and the lip smacking food. It’s oh-so-yummy. I can never get bored in cruise, NEVER. There is Gala dinner over at Libra’s. The show they came out with was so engaging. It got me so excited. This time round, the cruise toured to Port Klang and Phuket. Passenger didn’t have a chance to get down to Port Klang. It was suppose to be a short stopover for some maintenance to be done. Family went for an excursion to Patong Beach over at Phuket. The beach is sunny with white sandy beach. Fanciful but not to the extreme that I would fall head over heels with it. Oh yes, I did my shopping on board on the very first day. I know I’m amazing. Haha! Alright, cut the crap. It’s such a long post already. I’ll start posting the pictures soon.

for so long, i have been asked by friends to do a re-post on my holiday trips. (for they claimed that they couldn’t find any holiday’s picture in both my friendster and blog.) yet, i hadn’t been doing it. anyway, I think it’s a pretty good idea as it serves as a memory to me as well as a guide for others. so people do look out for my holiday post!  


Take care!


okay people, after some considerations, I have decided to shift over to Sanrio’s. (you people know I’m a huge fan of ‘Hello Kitty’!) So yea, pardon me for that. Hahas. Similar to wordpress, Sanrio is equipped with the ‘private post’ option. I like! =)


headed down to Changi Airport with darling mum. T3 was an eye opener for both of us. Comparing to the past few trips, T3 was in a real pathetic state - mainly bcos it’s empty and quiet. however, T3 is fully furnished now, with lotsa shops and eatery places. Thumbs up!



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