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Raimundo Pedrosa

Raimundo Pedrosa is the Xiaolin Dragon of the Wind. He can be arrogant, vain, selfish, and sarcastic. He has also betrayed his teammates twice (well, the second time was a bluff).

With all that said, why, then, is he my favorite?

Because he’s the only one in Xiaolin Showdown who’s actually had character progression (aside from Omi). Sure, he was arrogant and rude at the beginning of the series, but these gradually lessened, although he’s still sarcastic from time to time. He became mature and it’s been shown a number of times that he genuinely cares about his teammates. He also knows how to handle the team, making them use their abilities to their fullest potential. That’s why he became the leader of the Xiaolin at the end of the series.:P

Sure, he became part of the Heylin side (read: the evil team), but he was able to go back to the good side when his friends needed him, and I think that’s what counts.

Besides, he’s the only cute guy on the show. LOLĀ  The other one who has potential turns into a komodo dragon-like creature, so no thanks.:P The fact that he and Kimiko have chemistry together doesn’t hurt either. LOL

Anyway, about Raimundo, he’s a Brazilian who came from the circus. He’s the one with the biggest family in the series (he has eight brothers and sisters), although he’s the only one who didn’t have any of his relatives make an appearance. He loves surfing and playing soccer, and, like Kimiko, has an affinity for gadgets. Aside from Omi, he’s the only Dragon who was able to receive a Spear of Guan from Master Monk Guan. His Wudai weapon is the Blade of the Nebula (kind of like the Sword of the Storm, but more powerful), and his elemental Shen-Gong-Wu is the Crest of the Condor. His Wudai Attack is “Wudai Star Wind” and his element strike is “Typhoon Boom.”

He and his teammates Omi (Dragon of Water), Clay (Dragon of Earth) and Kimiko (Dragon of Fire) fight the Heylin Side (Wuya, Chase Young, and Hannibal Bean,