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Raimundo Pedrosa

Raimundo Pedrosa is the Xiaolin Dragon of the Wind. He can be arrogant, vain, selfish, and sarcastic. He has also betrayed his teammates twice (well, the second time was a bluff).

With all that said, why, then, is he my favorite?

Because he’s the only one in Xiaolin Showdown who’s actually had character progression (aside from Omi). Sure, he was arrogant and rude at the beginning of the series, but these gradually lessened, although he’s still sarcastic from time to time. He became mature and it’s been shown a number of times that he genuinely cares about his teammates. He also knows how to handle the team, making them use their abilities to their fullest potential. That’s why he became the leader of the Xiaolin at the end of the series.:P

Sure, he became part of the Heylin side (read: the evil team), but he was able to go back to the good side when his friends needed him, and I think that’s what counts.

Besides, he’s the only cute guy on the show. LOL  The other one who has potential turns into a komodo dragon-like creature, so no thanks.:P The fact that he and Kimiko have chemistry together doesn’t hurt either. LOL

Anyway, about Raimundo, he’s a Brazilian who came from the circus. He’s the one with the biggest family in the series (he has eight brothers and sisters), although he’s the only one who didn’t have any of his relatives make an appearance. He loves surfing and playing soccer, and, like Kimiko, has an affinity for gadgets. Aside from Omi, he’s the only Dragon who was able to receive a Spear of Guan from Master Monk Guan. His Wudai weapon is the Blade of the Nebula (kind of like the Sword of the Storm, but more powerful), and his elemental Shen-Gong-Wu is the Crest of the Condor. His Wudai Attack is “Wudai Star Wind” and his element strike is “Typhoon Boom.”

He and his teammates Omi (Dragon of Water), Clay (Dragon of Earth) and Kimiko (Dragon of Fire) fight the Heylin Side (Wuya, Chase Young, and Hannibal Bean, to name the big baddies - Jack Spicer doesn’t really count :p) and try to prevent them from getting the Shen-Gong-Wu, magical items imbued with specific abilities, activated by calling out their names.

The show is called Xiaolin Showdown, because whenever at least two people touch a Shen Gong Wu at the same time,  a showdown occurs. Each side will then have to wager a Wu that is currently in their possession (although this has exceptions). The one who calls the Showdown will also think of what challenge they’ll be doing. Their surroundings will change as according to what activity they’ll be doing (usually in disproportionate sizes). Whoever wins the challenge will not only win the Wu being contested, but also the items that have been wagered.

This has got to be one of, if not my absolute favorite cartoon to date.:D I was so sad when they cancelled the show, because there were so many things that they haven’t tackled yet.

Well, at least they made Raimundo the leader at the end.:P

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14 Responses to “Raimundo Pedrosa”

  1. Says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they cancelled it?! tsk!

  2. Says:

    I didn’t even know they cancelled it!! I used to live this show…
    And Raimundo (is that really how you spell his name?) and Kimiko never even got their cartoon kiss… :-(

  3. Says:

    Yeah, they cancelled it.:( Something about Warner Brothers only allowing up to episode 50+, no matter how great the show is. Stinker.:(

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting for them to get together! I mean, there are the cheek kisses, but nothing more.@_@ Yeah, it’s spelled Raimundo.;)

  4. SC Says:

    When did they cancell it? I didn’t hear about that. I LOVE that show SO much i have a proboard site about it!! I read on this one site saying that if the season 1 DVD sells well, and the fans convince Warner Bros on elaborating the DVD, the show might continue or a movie might come out of it. Here’s the link to the site I read it on:

    Here’s my site to contact me:

    I’m the main admin[owner].

  5. cariey Says:

    I LOVE YOU RAIMUNDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Says:

    I love Raimundo too!:D Heck, even if he’s a cartoon character, he’s pretty cute.:P LOL

    SC: I read an article somewhere. Seems Warner Brothers cancels their shows once it reaches 50+ episodes, even if a lot of people enjoy watching it.:(

  7. Brain Freeze » Blog Archive » Xiaolin Showdown Says:

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  8. xiaolin fan Says:

    Ilove this show !!!! Its fantastic !! and the charactors are great specially the circus star(Raimundo ) his my favourite.Ijust hope the warnor bros make another season.

  9. Raimundo Says:

    I here in January that there’s gonna be a fith season, but IDK what’s going on. I don’t want the show to leave! Raimundo is my nickname ’cause I’m exactlly like him!! :D I hope they make a new season, or Movie. Movie would be pretty awesome- elical… But we can’t control peoples thoughts unless we had a petition or something…

  10. Says:

    Love your name, Raimundo. lol Fifth season? But didn’t the show stop at Season 3?@_@ Wouldn’t complain though, I want the show back!

  11. Stormwind Says:

    They shouldn’t have canceled the show. Every single show I like has been canceled :(

  12. Xiaolinwind (AKA- RicoRoxs) Says:

    It so stupid that they cancelled it. I still watch the episodes online. I also have the first season on DVD, but it’s not the same.

    If you’ve ever been on fanfiction, Xiaolin Showdown has a lot of stories. 112 pages with 25 stories on each of them. Thats a lot.

    Rai’s my favorite too. What made me start to really like him was the he went evil. :P

    And there is a petition. Actually, a lot. Google it.

  13. rachel Says:

    in what episodes of xiaolin showdown did they say raimundo was in the circus? please answer!!

  14. Says:

    Great to see a lot of Raimundo/Xiaolin Showdown fans even now!:D
    @rachel: I can’t remember, but I think it was sometime in the first season.

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