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Mmm… Bubble Wrap

I saw this on one of the blogs here on Sanrio Town, and I think this is just too good a Brain Freeze site to pass up.


I love bubble wrap, especially this one because it can’t cause environmental dangers.:P This site is a lovely place to destress. Just go to it, and pop! goes your stress. LOL Manic mode is especially wonderful. Just roll your mouse and away you goooooo.


Man, I got to get me some sleep.@_@ I’m not making the slightest bit of sense here.


Oh yeah, go to to check the site out.



9 Responses to “Mmm… Bubble Wrap”

  1. Says:

    Hehe! Perfect!

  2. Says:

    Bubble wrap… love the stuff ^-^ Thx 4 the comment on my blog.
    I also used to think that margerine was healthier but I was wrong. lol

  3. Says:

    Hey, thanks for leaving me a comment too.:D Stands to reason though: both are pretty much made of fat.:P The difference is one just has more good fat.:P LOL

  4. Says:

    Btw, bubble wrap has got to be one of the best inventions in the world.:P It keeps things from breaking, and it’s an alternative to stress balls. What more would you want? LOL

  5. Happyblog » Blog Archive » De-stress! Says:

    […] is another one from Shadowcat13’s post called “Mmm…Bubble Wrap” (she sure knows how to be happy ;)), where you can find a way to de-stress without having to […]

  6. Zakura Says:

    Bubble wrap is the best thing to take off some stress. ^^

  7. shadowcat Says:

    Happyblog: Sweet! Thanks for the second feature.:D

    Zakura: You said it!:D

  8. leuisc Says:


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  9. Says:

    can any1 give me the link to download the bubble wrap game? i love it lol

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