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Rainy Days = :(

It’s been raining pretty hard here these past days.:( The weather’s making me more than just a little depressed, even if there’s not really no reason to be like that.


Last night on a news report, though, I finally found the reason why we get sad and depressed when the gray clouds roll in (and it’s not because they seem to be crying). Called “Typhoon Affective Disorder” (whoa, that’s a mouthful. LOL), the mood is caused by lack of sunlight, making people :(. Scientifically speaking, it’s the lack of Vitamin D that make people moan and groan. As plain, ol’ regular people, though, it’s probably just because we can’t go out and play.:p


Fear not, people! There are ways to cure the gloom! The news gave three tips:

1. Exercise. Get out of the couch and start moving around!

2. Vitamin D supplements (and no, it doesn’t mean that they made little sun capsules)

3. Talk to loved ones, relatives, or anyone that makes you happy :D ( A really good excuse to contact that *ehem* special person in your life ;))


So the next time the skies look dark, don’t let your mood be affected! Take these tips and you’ll be chipper, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as a squirrel, and as sunny as the, er, sun.:D


5 Responses to “Rainy Days = :(”

  1. Says:

    Ribbit! Rain good! Typhoons bad! Hehe. XD

  2. Says:

    But I like the rain. And there’s no rain :( A school day… wasted! :(

  3. shadowcat Says:

    Haha! Raein, I guess rain just gets me down. I’m more of a “sunny days” person, myself. Not too much though. I don’t like being burned to a crisp.@_@ Weather during Christmastime, for me, is the best.

    kerokero: Har, har. Bet you are.:P Frogs love rain, after all.XD

    jim: Wow. I learn even more things, everyday. LOL Indoor tanning? Is that safe?

  4. Says:

    Hm. I don’t have that at all. Actually, I love rainy, cloudy days. Sunny days are so intimidating. They’re all like, “GO OUTSIDE OR YOU’LL REGRET IT!!!1one!” Rainy days are more easygoing.

    One thing: Why do weatherpeople (hee hee) always seem to have the exact same stance on “good weather”? Sunny and warm. And they say they do all they can against global warming. (>_

  5. Says:

    akari: LOL yeah! It’s like, “Today’s going to be a great day! We’ll have sun and more sun!”

    Rainy days get me a bit depressed and sleepy… Makes me not want to leave my nice, warm bed.:P

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