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Hello Big Apple! Just want to share what I’ve seen & done so far.

Keith Haring exhibit @ Brooklyn Art Museum

March 25th, 2012 by

img_6831.JPGimg_6840.JPGimg_6839.JPGimg_6838.JPGThe way I know Keith Haring’s art is the way I know the beginning of MTV — when all they did was play music videos all the time and not crappy reality shows all the time. I feel like they had plastered his artwork amongst the videos or maybe even it was a part of the set with the MTV veejays…  to me Keith Haring’s art is synonymous with old NYC - old school street art - graffiti, back in the time of when breakdancing was in, when Madonna and Duran Duran were coming out with infectious hits….basically, when all the things I’ve learned of NYC was what I saw on tv.  Now knowing NYC  personally, I can look at his art with a wiser eye. His crawling baby “Radiant Child”, the barking dog…. they were at the exhibit and I used to see it almost as pop art, which it is now since basically it’s plastered on t-shirts and postcards. but he also had other stuff which I saw as more mature than just babies and dogs… and the exhibit chronicled his art from the time he was in his young 20s just barely arriving in NYC from PA. His long 50 foot piece, to me was jaw dropping - again, I’ve only seen his art singularly and small - small baby, small dog — this piece was pretty grand in it’s abstraction. There were also chalk drawings he had done in subway stations as well, at this exhibit. Overall, a pretty important exhibit as far as street culture goes…. now if only I can see a Banksy exhibit and not that stupid Mr. Brainwash imposter. ugh, i abhor him!

Finally, a winning football team! NY Giants, Super Bowl Champions!

February 7th, 2012 by

confetti!!another view of Eli’s back and the trophy.yes those are the courts from Law & Order. yes! super crowded!Eli holding the Lombardi trophyI’ve lived in San Diego and Seattle and never has the football team won a super bowl while I’ve been their resident. But finally —- I get to experience the celebration of  a winning football team in a great spirited city. Today, Tuesday February 7th, 2012, NYC gave the NY Giants a ticker tape parade down the Canyon of Heroes (my coworker says its called that because the path they take goes through tall skyscrapers). Fortunately for me, my office is on the same path they take — Broadway in Lower Manhattan. While my office building is 2 blocks north of City Hall where the Giants were getting the keys of the city, their floats passed the front of my office. My coworkers and I took our lunch break and stood outside. Luckily, the baricades reserved some space for our building so we had a pretty good view. Here are some pictures of the craziness involved. Lotsa cops around and lotsa fans - they even started holding down spots at 6am in the morning! the parade started at 11am! it was a very exciting day!

Food of London

February 3rd, 2012 by

The making of a grilled cheese sandwich at Borough Market - beforeGrilled cheese sandwich at Borough Market - afterFish & Chips from a pub in front of ParliamentMenu for Fish & Chips in front of Tower of LondonMeat pies at Harrod’s Food Halltea sandwiches - close upSo in London, I really didn’t shop for clothes (I did want to check out Primark but I didn’t see one where we were), but I did try to eat dishes that were synonymous with London. I tried their fish and chips - pretty good, but their chips weren’t crispy; their grilled cheese sandwich from Borough Market - delicious!, Game (meat) Pie - tastes like a beefy empanada with no diced veggies in it - it’s aight; Indian food - very good!, tea sandwiches - yum, clotted cream with my scones - yum yum!; a full English breakfast with blood sausage - yum and lastly, porridge — yum! it tasted like a hot creamy tapioca oatmeal cereal.

London - Day 3 (Saturday, January 28th)

February 3rd, 2012 by

Tower of LondonEntrance to Harrod’s Pet Kingdom (department)Harrod’s Food Halltea sandwiches, cakes, sconesOn this day, we had gone to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels, Harrods to see how massive it is, and then we had a traditional afternoon tea.

London - Day 2 (Friday, January 27th)

January 31st, 2012 by

view of the Old Globe (Shakespeare!) TheaterMillenium Bridge. River Thames and St. Paul CathedralLichtenstein at the Tate ModernSt. Pauls Cathedralimg_6621.JPGOn this day, we had slept in til 9:45am (we rarely sleep in this late!)  after spending the night chatting & catching up with my husband’s cousin until 3:30am! We had done a mini pub crawl and walked around the Kensington neighborhood in the evening (most pubs close at 11pm!). He had shown us the homes of Tom Ford and David Bowie. We started the day by checking out St. Pauls Cathedral, where Lady Diana married Prince Charles. They were charging admission so we went as far as we could inside without paying. We then walked the Millenium Bridge and checked out the Tate Modern. It is amazing that most museums in London are free of admission - there is a charge however for special exhibits. After the Tate Modern, we had a quick bite (I had Fish and Chips!) before going to Parliament for a private tour. Now that has to be the piece de resistance of sight seeing in London— being inside and seeing where the Queen sat, the various artworks on the wall, the House of Commons and House of Lords, Westminster Hall, the terrace…. it was simply just an incredible experience to see and be inside. Afterwards we were able to score tickets for the play, War Horse. I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t read the book or watch the movie but just knew that it won Tony Awards in NY last year and has been sold out for months. After watching it, it is well worth all the accolades. I cried and kept thinking of Joey the horse in relation to my pets. There is a emotional moment in the 2nd act where I was in tears… however, there was someone behind me who was simply bawling - the heaving, sobbing type of cry that one experiences with such great loss (like at funerals or when you’re little and think that you’ve lost your parents in the store)… well, we thought it was a little girl crying, but when the house lights went on and it was time to exit, we turned around and to our surprise, it was a grown woman about the age of 45 or so. Don’t let the puppet horse fool you - this is one touching play! if you don’t get a lump in your throat, you’ve got a heart of stone!  

sights from day 1

January 30th, 2012 by

the streets tell you where to look when crossingtelephone boothmail boxPints of Guinness!behind the bar at the pubHere are observational pics from day 1.

London - Day 1 (Thursday, January 26)

January 30th, 2012 by

Paddington Underground StationBorough MarketBig BenLondon Eye behind meWestminster AbbeyBritish Pub menu-Buckingham Palace (the Queen is not home, the royal flag is not up)Trafalgar SquareLate last year, we had fancied the idea (yes, I’m speaking in British terms) regarding plans of going to London for vacation; but on a whim, 3 weeks ago - we made it official to go. So off we went and hopped over the pond for a 4 day mini vacation.  First impressions when walking out of customs to the Heathrow Express (train to get to the Tube) were: 1) whoa, there’s alot of Indians here (not the feathered head dress kind), 2) how the locals are incredibly polite, 3) how clean the tube stations including Paddington are. We stayed in the Royal Borough (pronounced as “Buhrah” as locals would say) of Kensington & Chelsea - over at my husband’s cousins flat. His Underground stop is Earls Court and his neighborhood is allegedly posh. It is definitely a quiet neighborhood with beautiful flats (from what I see of the exterior buildings). On this day, we went to Borough Market and had a grilled cheese sandwich, freshly squeezed juice, fresh turkish figs and super sweet lychee. We then went to Westminster and I saw for the first time, Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye. We took a tour of Westminster Abbey and even attended Holy Communion Mass (so much similar to a Catholic mass). Then we  went to a pub to have a pint of Guiness (so much more smoother  & creamier than what’s served in the States). Then we walked to Buckingham Palace, through Trafalgar Square, to Liecester Square and Covent Garden.

Black and White cookie - red velvet style!

January 30th, 2012 by

img_6325.JPGWhen I first visited NYC (not counting my 9th grade trip since that was just a blink of an eye visit), my friend gave me something, that to me, is so New York — the black and white cookie. It is a flat cakey cookie with frosting that’s brown chocolate on one half and white chocolate on the other. I found this bakery on the UES called William Greenberg Desserts and they have black and white cookies done up in red velvet. These are mini size and are delicious and moist!

First snow of winter 2012

January 30th, 2012 by

img_6354.JPGimg_6359.JPGimg_6361.JPGThis has been a relatively warm winter - I’m so no complaining and prefer this. Temperature wise we have been having a mix of days ranging from mid 30s to mid 40s. In fact this week, we should have a temperature reaching upwards to 60 degrees! nice! And I have heard that February is mostly the snowiest month of winter here.

Macys 2011 Holiday Window

December 2nd, 2011 by

img_6212.JPGimg_6215.JPGimg_6219.JPGAfter Bryant Park I continued heading south to 34th street to Macys. As usual, crowds galore.

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