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New Things! ♥

April 17th, 2009 by Sanyu

Recently I bought a new, good quality camera. My old camera was a hand-me-down from my grandmother, and only about 3MP. As much as megapixels aren’t everything to look for in a decent to good quality camera, 3MP really shows the poor quality of the camera through the grainy photographs it produces. My new camera, though not a professional one by far, has 10.1MP and a 1600ISO, though I’ve heard it’s not advised to use both settings so high with this particular model. Nevermind, this is much, much better than my phone camera! I used to use my phone’s camera, but when I sold my phone for a new one, the new camera was lesser quality than the first one. I sold it to my nana, though, so I would often steal it for a few minutes if I wanted to take a photo for my poupéegirl account or Livejournal.

The days of this are gone, now! I’ve been busily taking photos of many things (mainly my jewellery, since the quality was just too poor to pick up the shine in my gold and silver without blurring the photo). Here are a few things from my flickr.~

Moon & Stars earringsEiffel tower earringsRainie-styled star earring
Golden pearl & diamond ringGolden diamond encrusted ringGolden charm bracelet

I imagine it’ll be a lot easier to complete the April Princess Challenge with this pretty new thing in my possession :3

A glimpse of life

March 31st, 2009 by Sanyu

In the past few months I have been not myself. A storm-cloud has surrounded me and downed my mood; it seemed a feat to stay happy without there being terrible after-effects. I would wake up in the morning and go back to sleep, or get up and be so hard to please that I would be grumpy all day. I expected so much from everything and everyone, and mother nature didn’t seem to be on my side at all. The atmosphere I created around myself was damp and cold, and seemed to influence my mind: I lost things, I was lazy and disorganised, my frown became so familiar and my grooming was not up to par as far as I would normally be concerned.
The funny thing is, though, that this bothered me to no end. I was aware of the effects this attitude and these bad habits were taking on me and, deep deep inside, wanted nothing more than to be as happy as I was for the sweetest month of my life last year.

Some days I wake up and realise that life is amazing. I feel lucky to be alive, I realise that my friends are the most wonderful people I’ve met, and I feel so blessed to have been given such insight into being as good and brilliant as they are as people, and to know that any dream I can conjure up and really put my mind to can be made into a reality someday. These days fill me with such enthusiasm, I could have the world on my shoulders and still stand tall. I remember that a Princess has so much responsibility, she has her own world - her kingdom’s wellbeing - resting on her shoulders, and she can still smile with her hardship. She can give up her happiness in the name of love, and often this path will reward her with another form of happiness. Hope and faith may well be near the most powerful things in the world.

Why do I find it so hard to remember this always?

I have been ill since Friday night. I missed my weekend plans and university both today and yesterday. I’ve not had much time to concentrate on my work, so instead I have been reading about things and thinking about things, giving new things a try and nursing my fragile body back to good health. It’s likely in moments of physical weakness that I am most reminded of the power my mind truly possesses.

It’s for this reason that I find memories so important. I diligently write in my journal to solidify the wondrous memories I’ve created, so that one day when I’m reading back I can feel a tingle in my heart, remember the smells and feelings I experienced that time, remember things. Sometimes I think I take this a little too far, writing as if I’m documenting and archiving an assignment or pieces of the world’s history, when really it is just my own. Imagine, if I have so much history to record, how much more the world has to offer me in exploration ! Sometimes perhaps I should look up from my own archives and create new memories. It’s just hard to move forward, when I find it such a challenge to remember how the tingles in my heart feel when I know it’s something I’ll never forget.

I’ve been busy!

March 16th, 2009 by Sanyu

I started university last Monday, the 9th of March, meaning I missed 2 weeks of work that I now aim to catch up on. I’m studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese, minoring in French. I’ve studied both of these languages briefly before and aim to become relatively fluent in them before I move on seriously to any other languages. However, I do want to study as many languages as possible before I die. Languages are amazing things, and can really open up new worlds, full of culture and recreation alike. I’ve been studying way too much lately to catch up, and feel guilty whenever my computer is on and I’m not doing something particularly productive
These are my notes from my first Japanese class and my first français class. I haven’t finished writing my notes for lesson 2, for either subject, and I still need to finish catch up work, too! University is so intense! We’re starting kanji this week!

Lately I’ve been really into shojo. I mean really, really really. It’s no secret that shojo is my favourite genre, not just the concept applied to animé, I just love adorable romance shows. I finished Strawberry Panic recently (loved ittt!) and am resuming a really old torrent I have of Sailor Moon (original Japanese) now. I have Cardcaptor Sakura on DVD, but it’s a bootleg!
Another reason learning Japanese is beneficial, I suppose! I can’t wait to be able to understand the words as well as the cultural differences and read them for myself rather than as words on a screen!

Meet Sanyu

February 7th, 2009 by Sanyu

My name is Sanyu! I’m 18 years old and am living in the most isolated city in, not only Australia, but the entire world. I’ve been interested in all sorts of areas of Japanese culture for about 7 or 8 years now, branching off my interest to other Asian countries and all over the world with time (and the internet). With this growing interest - especially in music and other media entertainment - I’ve become an avid lover of languages. I’ll come back to this later ;) I love »street fashion«, sweets (I have an ultimate sweet tooth), learning new things, the idea of embroidery and sewing, girly things (though I’m not very good at anything like nails, makeup or hair! …yet) and a bunch of other things less intensely.

In the real world for a living? I’m a student. I graduated high school in 2007 with no qualifications besides my “best non-TEE student” and “Top Computing student” awards. I tried my hand at the working world in 2008 trying to find what I liked doing. I only worked for 2 months that whole year in a reception role that I learned to hate, but not for the work - oh no, the work was actually rather fun! The pressures of the disorganised workplace, however, bundled with my moods and the moods of others usually made the experience a less than desirable one.

I thought I’d study this year for the qualifications I need to advance from the dreary existence of the client-slave relationships. I resumed study, randomly in the field of science, specialising in Chemistry and Physics, at the beginning of this year. I would have to redo upper-high school to get the initial qualifications to then move onto university. After a week or so of this, I started getting into languages more seriously, and resolved to study French and Japanese more often. It was then that I realised my intention was only to do Science as a backup, in case I have no plans or qualifications, to avoid doing the same thing I did in 2008 - nothing. If I’m going to study French and Japanese anyway, why shouldn’t I get language qualifications while I do it? Thus, I applied at university and got into the Bachelor of Arts! I don’t really want to work… ever, but what can you do? Who wouldn’t rather live in a fantasy world! I will try to at least break into a field I enjoy, and see where life leads mefrom there :)

On the interweb prior to making this blog? I frequent »LiveJournal« and »kupika« and have my own “personal website”, »SincerelySanyu« (though this is possibly a temporary URL). On SS there is a list of all my accounts and profiles elsewhere: »websites«. I really like this site though, so perhaps I’ll stop blogging on Kupika and post things here instead :P

I like a bunch of Japanese fashions, and admire European fashion though I don’t follow it. Occasionally I dress in J-fashion or J-inspired fashion, but I do have to make allowances as to what is locally available much of the time, living in Perth and all. I love Lolita and lately have taken a big shine to hime-gyaru, which I recently modeled at a Japanese street fashion show held at our local Japanese (pop)culture convention. I admire Jrockers and visual/oshare kei (kei meaning literally “style”) though I no longer follow it or really attempt to participate in any anymore. I love seeing people in (pretty, covered up) socialite and high fashion and I love historical dress. Movies like The Duchess and Marie Antoinette are a feast for the aesthetic eye, indeed… All that said and done, here some links to pictures of me in hime-gyaru (inspired? »diary«) and Lolita (»flickr«).

Learning Japanese
Learning French
Both are totally inadequate in fluency :P Unfortunately my learning skills suck D: so alas, I am still monolingual.. But as an English teacher I once knew said, monolingualism is curable. To this I proudly raise my glass! I aim to learn both French and Japanese fluently at the very least, and once I achieve that I will move on to Korean, Mandarin, Swedish, German, Taiwanese, Latin - whatever strikes my fancy! I love languages. Of course let’s not forget my native language: I was lucky enough to be brought up speaking English. During my online life I have sadly come to detest this language, similarly I have also come to detest the world and society in general. I’m trying to remember that the language is not to fault for those who don’t appreciate it, but it is hard. I’ve tried my hand at spreading the knowledge I have of this terribly difficult language to those using it incorrectly, usually being met with scornful responses full of offense and hate. It’s sad really; English has such potential! So I am following a challenging path, rather than staying on this one that I could follow, full of monolinguists and closed-mindedness. No, no, I want to expand my horizons. ♥

My idols are probably Hamasaki Ayumi and as of very recently, Masuwaka Tsubasa.



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