Bad Badtzmaru calendar
  • September 2010
    M T W T F S S

Hello world!*srsly face**FALCOON…PAUNCH!**KIRBY!*andapescapepumpedNprime

 *has Keromi, Badz-Maru, Charmmy Kitty, and, Excalibur tie you ALLL to musical chairs now to read this EPIC post*

Welcome to Sanriotown Blog! *eat’s a soap bar* Mmm…taste like…THANKGIVING! *get’s tamatto’d for lame punchline*

Welcome to Sanrio Town Blogs, the best place for you to talk about your REAL life, your hobbies (be they lame or otherwize), any new vidya games you’ve played lately (TOMATO SAUCEXBARLEY TEA awwwwx3<3), what you’ve dreamt last night, which foot of mine smell’s the cheesiest, which Sanrio charictors you think are awesome/not awesome (:<), or anything else that really interests you. A blog is an online Journal (shhh! lol) that lets you write down and post your experiences to let the whole world (yes?…AHH PRANK PHONE CALLS!!! *throw’s a tomatto at tele offerer*) know…and even worlds that don’t exsist along with it (wut). Aside from talking about your personal life (…wut?), you can also discuss or write an essay about how the world tricks you into believing it is Awesome with a capital A, even if it lack’s some comic releaf in some areas *sneer* but that’ll all end ever soo soon…hee~

Or keep a portable dream journal that you can always relay on if life outside your own little fantasy world get’s a little too boring..;) Or write random, silly things like ‘what would happon if a tomatto grew jaws and ate a whole soap bar?…that joke was lame….’ or ‘ALL HAIL BADZMARU’ which you’ll probably end up doing after reading this blog entry anyways roflmao HES AWESOME…Also, Keromi is, too. And anyone else Sanrio really. Hooray for! *throw’s pretty flowers like roses and carnations around the room now and a few whoopie cusions too…WAIT WUT*

Blogging is cool and may help you reach your maximum health and happiness potensiols. Or sing songs about Missingno., which is perfectly fine by me. Or get a bad stomic ake. OOOWWWWWW!!! Hmn…blog at your own RISK! *makes a REALLY cooool face…*

For more information please visit these following blogs (AAAAAA!!! i’ll say it again…NUUUU-OOOOO-OOOOOOOOO!!!!*becomes Darth Potattur*:

Sanriotown Blog - The main Sanrio blog that has all the important news and events. and maybe could use a bit more badtz maru…as well as his beautiful sidekick, keromi.;