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How to blog using Windows Live Writer

So you’ve chosen to use Windows Live Writer? This guide will help you install and set it up to get you going in no time.

1. First of all you will need Microsoft’s Dotnet Framework for this piece of software to work. You can download the dotnet framework by clicking here.

2. Once you’ve downloaded it open it up and follow the directions stated on the install. It may ask you to restart your computer, so please save any open files and restart your computer.

3. Download Windows Live Writer by clicking here. Please note that at the time that this article was being published, Windows Live Writer is still on beta which means, it is still in testing. You might experience some errors and bugs while running it. With that said, I still think this is one of the best blogging tools around. I personally use it. This Page post was created using Live Writer and so have been my other recent posts.

4.  Install Live Writer and start it. When Live Writer starts for the first time it will ask you for some details.


Make sure you click on “Another weblog service” to select it then click on next.

5. It will open up a new window asking you for your account information.


In this example, I’ll be using one of my other blogs. Its my “Images of Loneliness” blog. Enter the address of your blog, username and password. It is very important that you should enter your exact email address for Sanriotown otherwise Live Writer will not be able to see your account. Once you are done entering the account information click on next.

6. Live Writer will try to detect your blog.


This may take a few minutes depending on how fast your Internet connection is. Once its done it will show you some information about your blog and tell you that the configuration is complete.


Click on finish. Live Writer will now load the actual content area of your weblog.

7. You are ready to go to create your first post. Everything here pretty much seems like the editor on Sanriotown so it should be self explanatory.


 Stay-tuned for a more detailed guide on how to use the features of Live Writer in the coming days.

Enjoy blogging!