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Choosing your Browser: Google Chrome

Thursday, September 18th, 2008


Google has released their own browser a few days ago. I’m here to give insight on how it works and if you should use it or not. Continue on to read my experience so far with this new browser.


A Guide to Online Etiquette

Friday, June 20th, 2008


In our normal and daily lives, we meet people in many walks of life. We introduce ourselves, exchange a compliment or two and we do all these in all sorts of friendly manners. On the online world however, the anonymity of people is different. Racism, stereotyping and plain slander can be found almost anywhere online. Just because we can’t see each other doesn’t mean we have the right to treat others or think of them lower than ourselves. The way you interact with people online has to be the same way you treat people in real life.

Read on to view some of my tips on how to show respect and gain respect from people online. Make this your guide as you journey online and interact with other people in blogs, message boards, chat and even emails.


Using the Twinkle Effect and Adding Tags

Thursday, April 12th, 2007

So here are the steps in using the twinkle effect:
1. Go into Dreamstudio.
2. Add your picture or movie
3. Click on Effect, then Screen Effect.
4. On the right side click on Special.
5. Click on Twinkle and you are done!
6. Save your movie and then remember to put in the tags.

A tip on putting in tags, make sure that its related to the picture you are posting. If its about your pet dog, put in the tags: dog, pet, pet dog, or anything you think that might be related to your dog. Enjoy!

Flying Up Text Effect

Friday, January 5th, 2007

The Flying Up text effect can be used to highlight a great title for your video. It is recommended to use this effect for text that would be placed on the top of the videos.

1. Click on Text and create a new textbox.
2. Input your text and click ok.
3. Adjust the size of your text to your liking.
4. On the right side, click on Entry. This means the text effect will only happen once the slide loads.

5. Look for Flying up. Don’t forget to click apply and you are done!

Jumping and Rolling Text Effect

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Lets try using the “Jumping and Rolling Text Effect”. This effect would be great for introducing a lively picture on your Dream Studio creation! The text jumps right from the top of the screen and when the letters are all settled, they suddenly roll out. This is a “Repetition” effect, which means its going to keep on looping and playing until the slide is finished.

How to apply it:
1. Click on Text and create the text you want. For this example we are using “This is cool!”.
2. On the right side where the effects are, click on “Repetition”.
3. When a menu shows, look for “Jumping and Rolling” and click on it.
4. You should see a preview of your text bouncing around and then rolling away. You are done! Don’t forget to apply and save your work!