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Ask me a question: Pinging and some HKO stuff


Its time once again for the questions of the week. I’ve changed the image above to make things more interesting. Continue on reading to view all the questions.

We start of with PrincessAi, and she asks:

What is Pinging?  What happens if I check the box for "allow pinging"? Thanks :)

Well PrincessAi, "pinging" is a general term used by computer techs that allows them to sort of "poke" your connection to check how fast it is for data to travel from your side to the server’s side. You can allow pinging if you want but it won’t make any difference. ^^

Milkbean has a simple question:

How do you change a blog name? I just hate the name "My Blog".

It’s quite easy. Log in to your blog and click on the "Options" button. You should see some stuff there that contains your blog name, your email address and other stuff. Go ahead and delete the "My Blog" name that you have and replace it with something else. When you are done changing the Weblog title, make sure you click on the "Update Options" button. Here’s a picture of what it may look like. I’m using my blog as an example.


We have another blog related question from Tsukuribanashi:

This is probably going to have a really simple answer but… how can I get my blog to post in paragraphs?  Every time I try, it removes the formatting and I end up with a wall of text. 

It’s quite simple. If you are done typing with a group of sentences that you want to make a paragraph press enter twice so that it will leave a space in between. This will automatically create a new paragraph once you start typing in the new line. If that doesn’t work you can try going into "Code" mode. Just click on the "Code" tab of your editor then when you make a group of sentences and decide that it would be a paragraph put a "<p>" at the start of your paragraph and a "</p>" at the end of the paragraph. Below is an example.

<p>This is one paragraph! See the "p" tag at the start? That’s what you put to tell the blog that that is the start of your paragraph if you want to end your paragraph put the "/p" tag at the end like this.</p>

<p>This is another paragraph! You can continue making many paragraphs like this as long as you use the "p" tags! When you publish you post it will show as different paragraphs. ^^</p>

Got it? If that didn’t work it might have something to do with your browser or something. Try updating them to the latest posts or you can use Windows Live Writer. I have a guide that has its own link on my blog. You can also visit it right now. Just click here.

And now for one of our regular question guys, Mickey!

But the thing is referring to my question about making accounts. I’m using a Tosiba computer. Worked perfectly the frist time I wanted to make one. When I tried again, it didn’t work. I have a friend who is always changing her sanrio account cause she gets tired of a name quickly. She has made like twenty of them, but I can’t even make two. I have NO idea what the promblem is. I’m using Internet Explorer 7 just like most people. And also just like my friend. But it only works for her not me nor my other friend. Why? That’s the question. Why only her and not us? It worked fine th frist time, but now I can’t. It didn’t even work for her once!

Hmmm… I see the problem. Its because the browser keeps a record of the previous account and it sort of makes it confused which is why sometimes nothing loads at all. Here’s a tip. When you decide to make a new account, delete your browsers cookies and cache. For FireFox click on Tools, then "clear private data". A small window with a couple of options will pop-up. Click on the check boxes beside Cache and Cookies then click on the button, "Clear Private Data Now".


For Internet Explorer, click on tools then "Internet Options". Under the General tab there should be a section that says "browsing history". Click on the "Delete" button and a new window will pop-up. Just click on "Delete files" and "Delete cookies". After that it should be okay.


Please tell me how this turns out. An