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Ask me a question: Colors, fonts, music and Kitty Points

High gang! It’s been a while. I apologize for not making it on time to finish this blog post yesterday. But now that’s out of the way onto this week’s questions!

We start off with Kittycatlover and she asks:

hai,i was just wondering if you could answer the following question:

do you know when color fonts will come?

how do i set a post or page to the front page when i open my blog,for me it just says not found but i have posts and pages.

thank you^^

Well, it depends on where you want the colors is it on the blogs or the forums? Just to make sure I’ll answer both! ^^

For the blogs:

1. Create a new post like you usually do.

2. Click on the "Code" button as seen below.


3. Type in the text you want to be colored.

4. Now we have to do a little bit of HTML code. I’ve created an example below displaying fonts in red, blue and green.


You can use other colors but keep in mind to use base color names like black, white or orange. Color names like Lavender or Sky Blue won’t show. If you want to use more advanced colors there is a way to do it but its another question for another time. ^^

5. Save and Publish your post and there you have it. Colored blog posts!


For the forums:

1. Create a new post or reply to an existing one.

2. Write down the words or sentences you want in color, then highlight them.

3. Once you’ve highlighted it click on the button with an "A" on it. It is called the Text Color Button. Check the picture below. You should see a bunch of colors that you can select from.


4. Click on the color and you are done!


On to the next batch of questions! Mickey once again has another epic questionnaire for me.

How do you add mp3 music, or change your music files to mp3 music without itunes & other stuff? I mean how do you change it using windows media player? Or is that impossible? i wuz talking about how to change regular music filez into mp3 files, so i can use them in my dreamstudio videos.

Oh alright. There are a few ways to convert your music.

1. If you want to get music from your music CDs, there is a nifty program called Audiograbber that allows you to convert your CD tracks into MP3s. You can download the program here. It should be simple to use and its free.

2. If you already have a WAV file or some other type of sound file you can use Audacity to convert them into MP3s. Its also free and very simple to use. You have to download a plugin so that you can convert your MP3s without a problem though. You can download Audacity here and the LAME plugin here.

Why won’t it let you upload some pictures? I want to upload this cute pic of a dog my friend sent me, but it won’t let me…why is that?i have no idea where the picture came from but it’s not inapproriate…it’s just a picture of a cute dog. i have NO IDEA how to find it’s url…i mean i do but when i copy & paste it, th picture won’t show up. it’ll only show a box with a red x in it…*sigh*

There are a few reasons why some pictures don’t display. Some image sites have been restricted due to some security reasons. Try uploading the image on flickr or on photobucket. It should work fine there. If your image still doesn’t display then make sure you are using the correct URL. The red X showing on where the picture is supposed to be usually means that the link to it is wrong or the server hosting the picture may be offline.

My friend has been trying to make a sanriotown account, but it won’t let her. It won’t even let me try to make one for her. She isn’t using an inappropriate name either. Why won’t it let her? it’s weird because we both tried at different times. once on my computer once on hers. actually we tried more than once. but either way it won’t work.

I think I know what the problem may be. Is she using a MAC? We have some issues when people try to use a MAC and the Safari browser when they try to access Sanriotown. Try either using Firefox or Opera for the MAC. It should work fine with those two.

Next up we have a question from schubie.

hey there, i had a question about the mail system.
am i not able to send mail to an external account like gmail or a hotmail address?

I’m not sure what you are trying to get at but let me try to answer it. If you are asking why you can’t send to gmail or hotmail, I’m not really sure. I’ve tested it here on my side and it works fine. If you are asking on how to link your Sanrio account to an email client like Outlook, I’m sorry but its currently not possible. ^^

And we have another question from Mickey!

If you fill up your mail capacity bar, will your oldest mail delete itself?

Nope you have to delete them manually. ^^

Here’s Arcsis regarding her concern.

How can I add a "people" counter or visitior map like the one on the HKO blog?
I don’t see any place in the blog roll entries to add any code. (I’ve already signed up for the service & blah blah blah )
In a similar note: why don’t flash or javascript pieces work on the blog?
I wanted to put this widget on my blog, but it won’t work even though I paste the code into the code section.
<embed name="nps" src=’’ pluginspage=’’ wmode=’transparent’ allowScriptAccess=’always’ type=’application/x-shockwave-flash’ width=’450′ height=’260′></embed>
Basically, are these done for security reasons, or am I missing something?

Hi Arcsis. Let me try to answer your querries.

1. In my last "Ask me a question" post I did a detailed guide on how to do this. You can view the last post here.

2. Some Javascript have been disabled for security reasons. I’m also not sure if the programmers are even going to allow it on the blogs or the forums. But anything might be possible with some updates planned ahead.

Starrydreamer, you are up next!

Hi, I have two questions:
1. Do you know if Hello Kitty Online will be playable on a Mac? If not, it should because it’s not fair to have the PC users have all the fun.
2. Is changing my name for the forum the only way to do it? Can’t I change my name entirely for my whole account?
I would really appreciate it if you take the time to answer my questions. Thanks Smile

Hi and hello!

1. Sorry but I don’t have the details of Hello Kitty Online, you’ll have to ask GM Abby about it. I know it runs only on PCs for now but I’ve heard that someone was able to run it on a MAC using bootcamp.

2. Uhm, yes. You can only change your name in the forums. The email account is permanent. You could always create a new account if you want. ^^

Next up, Jinta revisits with a new question.

Hi Ishida, can you tell me please, How Can I put some categories in the BlogRoll ? like: Official Blog, Official Sites etc. a sort of organizer all the links. Thanks!!!

Hi again Jinta! That’s quite simple!

1. Log in to your blog’s admin panel.

2. Click on "Manage". Then below it click on "Categories".

3. Add a new category. Okay now this is where it gets tricky. In Category Name, that would be the name of the section you want to create under blogroll. Type in a name. Once that’s done, click on the drop down menu that’s beside Category parent. Select your "Blogroll" then add your new category. The new category you’ve created will now reflect as another sub-category under blogroll when you create a new link in that section. ^^


Now when you create links and post them in that sub category under the blogroll, it should appear on your blog sidebar.

Finally, our last question of the week by Misscuty:

I have a question. What do you do with the kitty points?

Ah, this question has been asked numerous times before but no matter, I’ll gladly answer it! Originally it was planned to be used as a rewards system for the site. The more points you had the more chance you could redeem rewards like, more space for your email. However this has been stopped right now and I don’t know its status. There is some word however from the Hello Kitty Online developers that they might use this as some form of currency in the game. But that has yet to be confirmed so don’t keep your hopes up. ^^

Whew! Another epic week of questions! Keep them coming guys. Please make sure to visit the forum thread to post your questions. I’ll answer anything from my personal life to computer woes and anything related to Sanriotown. Click here to visit the forum. Until then Happy Posting!

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