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Ask me a question: Counters, Clocks and Calendars, Oh my!

Time for another round of questions. This weeks featured questions are about the 3 C’s that some people have been asking around for a while now.

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First up is Emee, and here is her situation:

I have problems with my pictures on my blog, not with uploading them but with them stretching. When I’m done with a post where the pictures looks as they should in the editor I’m publish my post and when I see my blog my pictures are stretched out horizontally and there are some question marks I didn’t place there. Please see it here:   my bag don’t look like that, please help me!

Hi Emee. I’ve gone to your blog and the pictures seem fine. I’ve experienced some problems like this in the past. It turns out that it had something to do with my browser. I was using Mozilla Version 2.0 at the time. When I upgraded to Mozilla 3.0, the images started displaying correctly. Try different browsers while you are at it. I know its a bit of a hassle but at least you won’t see those images stretch out weirdly like that.

Next we have Mickey again. Though some of your questions have been answered, let me see if I get what you are asking in these new batch of questions that you’ve posted.

  1. How do you add mp3 music, or change your music files to mp3 music without itunes & other stuff? I mean how do you change it using windows media player? Or is that impossible?
  2. How do you add videos, like youtube videos, in your dream studio videos??? I saw people do that, but I don’t know how to.
  3. Why won’t it let you upload some pictures? I want to upload this cute pic of a dog my friend sent me, but it won’t let me…why is that?
  4. My friend has been trying to make a sanriotown account, but it won’t let her. It won’t even let me try to make one for her. She isn’t using an inappropriate name either. Why won’t it let her?
  5. How do you do that thingy where you right a word & it links to something? Like when someone rights click here to see my blog and the here has a link to that person’s blog? It’s so cool!

That’s quite a bit Mickey. Let me try to answer those. As clearly as I can.

1. I’m assuming you mean adding mp3s to the blogs? Its the same way as adding an Image. Please check out the past batch of questions. Also, changing your MP3, I’m assuming you mean that you want to edit them or something? Windows Media player can’t do that. You have to either use the Windows Sound Recorder that comes with windows (Its in Start > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder) or download a more advanced editor. I personally use Audacity, a free sound editing software tool. You can give it a try if you want. It takes a bit of getting used to but its worth it. You can download Audacity on this link. Also make sure to get the MP3 codec so that you can save your MP3s on Audacity. You can get the codec here.

2. Its sort of a complicated process but let me explain it to you. First off, you need a program called YouTube Downloader. Download that and install it. Once you are done, run it and follow its simple instructions. Its easy as copying the YouTube link and placing it in the downloader. It will then save it as an FLV video. If you want to play FLV videos on your computer get FLV Player. After downloading the video from YouTube, go ahead and create a new video on DreamStudio like you normally do.

3. Some picture sites were blocked due to security reasons. If you are gonna add pictures to the forums, make sure you use Photobucket or Flickr. Pictures from the blog are currently blocked but I’ve informed the programming team that they need to allow this. I just don’t know when they’ll be done with the update.

4. Hmmm. It’s either you tried making an account during a maintenance period or it might have something to do with your browser. Make sure to clear your browser cache and cookies before you try to make a new account.

5. Ah, the linking you mean? Its quite simple. First of all write the text you want to get linked. Highlight it then click on the image that looks like a "chain".


Once that is clicked a window will pop-up. Just paste the link of the site you want to go to to, click okay and you are done.


Hope that helps.

On to our next question. We have one from Jinta, and here is what he wants to know.

How Are You?  I got a question, how many pictures and videos can I upload to my Blogs. I Mean there is some limit about it.

I’m fine Jinta thank you for asking. As for your questions, I need to get back to you on the limit of pictures on the blogs. Last time I’ve heard it was like 100 MB worth of pictures. As for the Videos, I’m assuming you are asking for DreamStudio. They used to be 100 MB worth of videos as well but recently they upgraded to around 500 MB per user.

Lastly, another set of questions from Jinta.

Hi Ishida, I need your help again. Its about the counter visits, calendar and clock(time and date). I´m wondering how can i put this in my blog Thanks.

Interesting queries you have there. I’ll be glad to answer them.  First off, the counter. You want one right? Its quite simple.

1. First off, you need to go to Easy Counter and create and account. Follow the instructions provided then copy the code (make sure you selected HTML and not PHP) and paste it first into notepad for safe keeping. Next, create a new category in your blog, in mine I just named it EZ Counter.


2. Next step, create a new link. Call it Easy Counter or whatever you like. Make sure to link it back to


3. Don’t save anything yet! Scroll down to the "Advanced" part. Go back to the notepad where you saved the HTML code from Easy Counter.

<a href=""> <img src= border="0" alt="HTML Hit Counter"></a> <br><a href="">Free Hit Counters</a>

Copy the text that’s in the <img src=" "> thing then paste it into the "Image Address Box". In this example you’ll see my name. It should depend on what you see in yours.


Now you can save it and it should show up as a counter on your blog like mine.

For the calendar, you don’t need to add anything. It depends on what layout or theme you use for your blog. The newer blog themes have a calendar included. Just use any of those.

Finally, for the clock, time and date. As of now, there aren’t any compatible online clocks that we could use for the blog. I’ve been testing out a few but I haven’t got them to work yet. The flash ones are great but sadly, they can’t be placed on the blogs right now. If I find another online clock that doesn’t use flash, I’ll immediately let you know.

Another epic question week for me. Thanks to those who dropped a questions. I’ll be looking forward to the next batch. Until then visit the