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Choosing your Browser: Google Chrome


Google has released their own browser a few days ago. I’m here to give insight on how it works and if you should use it or not. Continue on to read my experience so far with this new browser.


1. Very fast loading. I like this very much.

2. Minimalistic menus, which I like. Some people however don’t like this feature.

3. The URL area can directly be used as a google search. When you type in anything there, it will automatically search for it on google if its not a direct URL. That area also predicts what you may be typing in. A useful feature.

4. You can create a direct shortcut on your Windows Desktop to a site that you frequently visit without having to launch the browser.


1. When I first installed this, I couldn’t view any videos from YouTube or any other Video sharing site. I also was getting errors when I tried to open up Sanriotown. It took me 3 days to figure out what was going on. Luckily, I searched the google chrome help page and found out that it has something to do with the Kaspersky anti-virus that I’ve got installed. I had to allow something so that certain sites won’t be blocked.

2. Very little plugin support. Considering this is beta, there are very few plugins available.

3. Currently available for Windows XP and Vista only. Which is a disappointment for me because I use Linux too. There is word of a Mac version being developed but I’m not sure when it will be available.

This is a great browser overall. Give it a try if you want just search for "google chrome" in google and it should direct you to the download link.