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Ask me a question: Inserting Images and Youtube videos

If you’ve noticed that I have a different title it because I was requested by one of the users to be more creative in using titles for this section. Anyway on with the questions!

Here’s a question from Jinta: Hi, I Would like to know how Can I upload some images to the  pages within the blog, because I only can put some images in the posts, but when I try to do the same in my page for Example: In The Page About Me, all the images automatically goes to Browse option, also when I try upload an video in my posts like a youtube video I can’t do it. Can you help me please? Excuse my language English is not my mother tongue.

Here’s a follow-up from Mickey: sorry but i mean on the blogz…i saw sum ppl who have put moviez up on their blogz but i don’t know how…i already figured out how to put one up in the forumz about a week or two ago…so sorry!!! should of been more specific!!!! SORRY!!!

Hi, Jinta. First of all, I think your English is pretty good considering that you aren’t used to it. No apologies are required. There are 2 ways in doing it. First is uploading the images to the blog itself. Try the steps below.

Hi, Mickey. You have a similar question with Jinta so I’ll just answer you both on the following steps below.

1. When you create a post or a page, scroll down below and you should see some options with "Upload" and "Browse All".


2. Click on "Choose" to select a file from your hard drive. Remember to put in a title and a description so that you can easily find what picture you want to show up. Now click upload.


3. Once your picture has been uploaded it should show up as a thumbnail below the editor.  Click on "Send to editor" so that it will show up on your post.


4. Once thats done, continue editing your post. Upload more pictures if you like then post your page!



Now here is the other way. Linking your images from other sites:

1. Create your post or page.

2. Upload your image to any image hosting site. In this example, I’ve uploaded my image to imageshack and copied the link. When you are ready to add your image click on the "Picture" button. I’ve highlighted it on this picture.


3. You will be prompted to enter the address of the site. Paste the address of the image that you’ve copied from another site on "Image URL". Add an image description and press the "Insert" button.


4. You’re done! The image has been inserted. You can continue editing and adding more images this way and then post your page!


Finally, how to insert youtube videos.

1. When you create a new post or page, make sure to set your editor from "Visual" to "Code" mode. I’ve highlighted in red on the picture on what you are supposed to click.


2. Go to YouTube and copy the "embed" code from the video that you want.


3. Now go back to your blog editor and paste that code in the text area.


4. When you are done, save your work and publish it. You should now be able to view that YouTube Video on your post! If you wanna se