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Ask me a question (2nd)

Alright on to the next batch of questions!

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Here’s a question from ^Kaiju^ about Sanriotown: Hmm..will SanrioTown have a chat feature? I understand that when the game is released it will defeat the purpose of having a chatroom in the site, but what about for those who can’t run the client on their computers or doesn’t want to play the game at all?

Thats a good question Kaiju. Actually we have been considering a chat feature for the Sanriotown site for a while now. The last time I’ve heard from the programmers is that they’ were considering working on it. Now that Hello Kitty Online is here, that might be considered the alternate solution. Still, I can’t give any definite answer on this as I have to ask the programmers if they are still considering putting chat on the site.

Got school work? I answer them too! Resident_Fantasy asks: Hi! I’ve got physics homework for school, and I was wondering… Could you explain the theory of relativity? I know it’s a stupid question, but I was hoping that someone could tell me what it’s about.

Well, where do I start? I’ll try to explain this as simple as I can for you. Albert Einstein, as you may have known, gave such a very technical explanation, but this has something to do with moving bodies, gravity, time, mass, energy and how they interact in the world. The theory of relativity is divided into two aspects if you will. One is "General Relativity" which deals with objects in accelerated motion and its velocity changes over time. The other is "Special Relativity" which applies only to objects in uniform motion, meaning their respective speeds or velocities remain constant. If all I have said sounds confusing, please try this entry I found at Wikipedia.

Here’s another Sanriotown Related question by Mickey: how do you add videoz???!!!! i don’t get the explanation of hot to on the frequently asked questionz topic… PLEASE TELL ME!!!!

Lol. First of all calm down. I’ll explain it to you the best I can. If you are asking about embedding videos on the forum its quite simple. Just follow the steps below:

1. First make sure your editor mode is set to "Advanced" to do this, login to sanriotwon, then go to the forums. Click on "preferences". Scroll down then select "Advanced". Then click on save.


2.  Go back to the forums and open up an existing topic or create a topic to post your video. In my case I created a new topic on the forums just to test this. Click on the "Add Video" button. Its got no name but once you hover over it it will display the name. Just to make sure I’ve added a picture below. I’ve encircled it in red so you can see it.


3. Once that’s clicked, a new window will pop-up. In this example I’m posting a video from Youtube. You can also use any of our videos on Sanriotown Dreamstudio if you like. Select the "Embed tag" and then copy the embed tag from the site where your video is, in this case Youtube. Then Click on "Done".


4. Once you’ve clicked on done, you will see an icon resembling a video reel on your post.  This means your video has been successfully posted. You can add any comments or further text then click on "Post" to post your video on the forum.


5. You’re done! Your video can now be shown and played on the forums.


That’s it for this week of questions. Phew! Thanks for tuning in guys! Send your questions and post them on the forums on this link.

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  1. Says:

    Hi Ishida, I have a question for you that has been worrying me. I have 2 sanrio accounts (I decided I didnt like that name anymore), so I created a new account a few days ago, I opened up a blog for the first time and put a lo of work into it. I submitted the request to become a founder on my old account and got in!! However, I dont really want to use that account anymore, I’d like to use my new one. Is there a way that (once i finally can log into the founders beta) that i can switch the sanrio email account that is associated to my founders acct with my new account?

    (Basically, I’ve been reading and I heard that in-game you can update your blog and all sorts of cool things.. I dont want to be updating the blog on my old account)

  2. Says:

    Hi foxycleopatra! I’m sorry but from what I know, this isn’t possible right now. I need to clarify this however with GM Abby. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I am able to contact her.

  3. Says:

    Hi I’m having the same problem too. Could you send me an email to my account about this?

  4. soma_soul Says:

    hi ihida i was wondering i was so bored at my blog i need an cool one om can you e-maid or commet me at my blog and do you have google chorme i have one so i was using it.can you contac my acount joke.i was so funny if i was saying the work joke . commet me i have your blog i saw at my blog.its cool bye.

  5. kathlyn Says:

    hi,..i downloaded the game but why i cant play,.?it says that my username and password error,.. please ned your using my sanriotown username and password,..but i cant,..what should i do??how an i get there.?

  6. kathlyn Says:

    ,.please, i have to make another username and password for the game,.or use my sanriotown username and password,..please wanna know if how to get there,.thnks..

  7. Says:

    hi guys!i know this probblay a relly supid question for u guys but how do u make a blog?=\ive always wondered how but i need help pls pls! how do u make a blog???=\

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