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Ask me a Question (1st)

Talk about starting slow. I’ve only got 2 questions so far, so lets get right to them.

First of we have a question from Zunns and she asks: Do you enjoy your job as a Mod for Sanriotown?

I’m glad you asked that question Zunns, I’ve been asked that quite a lot and I haven’t exactly answered it. At first when I was hired I didn’t quite like the job. Being a guy and seeing everything in pink was kind of dizzying to me. But as time passed and we eventually got our upgrades and some fixes for the site, I started to like my job more. I realized that the reason I became a mod was so that I could help people out. In the past I was a bit over-aggressive and may have abused my powers as a mod but today, I don’t think myself as a mod anymore, but rather a “senior” in the community full of kids.

Next we have a question from gentatsu and he asks: How’d you get to become a mod?

Well lets see, I was one day running my business. I have an Internet Cafe you see. I was suddenly PMed over MSN by a friend of mine who happens to be Rukia (aka TGmoderator01), our head moderator for Sanriotown. She asked me if I would be interested in a part time job. I said yes and so that was how I got started. ^^

Thanks for the questions guys! I look forward to answering more of your inquiries! I hope that sheds some light on these subjects.

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    Hey how do u check what pleople have said about ur blog

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