Sanriotown FAQs
Questions about blogging in Sanriotown? You’ve come to the right place!

Changing Colors


I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately regarding changing colors in the forums and for the blogs as well. So here’s a guide for you guys who want to play around with colors. Continue reading on to view the full article of this post.

Changing colors in the Forums

This should be simple enough, login and then join the forums. Once you are there we need to do something first before we can start.

1. Click on “Preferences” located at the upper right corner of your web browser. (If you are already set to advanced then skip this step and go directly to number 4.)


2. We need to make sure that your editor mode is set to “advanced”. Make sure to select “Advanced” and then click on “Save”.


3. You can now start posting. Either create a new topic or reply to an existing one. You will now notice when you post something new.


4.  Type in your text then highlight it. Once that’s done, click on the icon with the letter “A” with a thick line under it. A selection of colors will pop-up. Selec