Sanriotown FAQs
Questions about blogging in Sanriotown? You’ve come to the right place!

How to make your own Link Image and Banner.

It has just come to our attention that some people still don’t know how to create those link banners and place them as links. For that reason I have created a dedicated guide on how to do it from the creation of a link banner up to posting it on your blog.

Creating the images

The first step is to create the images you want for your blog. For Sanriotown the standard size for a link image is 88 x 31 pixels.

This is my sample link image which is 88 x 31 pixels.

You can also create a banner image if you want. Banner images are images that you put on the top of your post before writing something. A good example would be the Bleach Blog, where Rukia, Nanao and I have teamed up to post reviews. This can tell users who made the specific post. The size for a banner image is 450 x 58 pixels.

The image above is 450 x 58 pixels. This fits exactly on the standard layouts of the blog. If you use the new layout you are going to see a bit of white space but this is okay.

Image Editors

While MS Paint is a fair enough image editor, it just doesn’t have the essential features to edit, create or make a clean and good image. I would suggest to use Adobe Photoshop or PhotoFiltre. Adobe Photoshop is not free, you need to buy it. I suggest PhotoFiltre, a free and lighter alternative to Photoshop. Sure it lacks some of the advanced tools but it does the job.

Using Adobe Photoshop

1. Run Photoshop and then click on File > New


2. A window will pop-up. For your link image enter 88 for width and 31 for height then click ok.