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I guess I’m obliged to reply to this tagging thing. From time to time its fun to answer stuff like these.

I was tagged by Rei. And before I go start making another tutorial FAQ now that the “Matt” fiasco has subsided, on with the stuff.

Name 5 best nights of your life (no particular order):

1. My college graduation night. It was a difficult road down during my studies and for the first time I felt so light. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was filled with thoughts about no longer having to worry for thesis papers, projects and school work. A load has gone off my shoulders and I needed to savor the feeling.

2. The night during the burial of my mother. My mom died of cancer. It was a relief to know that God has finally taken her away from her suffering. I just couldn’t stand to see every single night her paralyzed figure in bed looking at me and somewhat begging me to ease her pain. I knew from the start that she would not get better. We gave her the best medical attention and spent almost all our life savings to make her better. That night I was praying and thanking God for finally giving my mother peace.

3. The night I was walking home with friends. We walked around 7 kilometers and it didn’t bother or tire us much because we enjoyed each other’s company. I couldn’t say the same for my Grandmother though, she was scolding me when I got home since it was pretty late and I was still in high school.

4. The night the cast was taken off my leg. Back in college just before I graduated I got into a motorcycle accident and my leg was pretty much busted to the point that I almost required surgery. I spent a good 2 months with the cast on due to the severity of the fracture and I had to do my thesis papers and defense on crutches. I had to experience a lot of un-comfort with that cast to the point that I couldn’t even sleep properly. That night I enjoyed my regained freedom but it would take another month for me to walk properly again after therapy.

5. Sorry but I can’t say this last best night I had. Its sort of personal and I don’t really want to talk about it. ^^

Okay done. But it says in the rule that you need to tag others. But since I’m so busy at the moment, I think I’ll just end it here. Sorry!

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