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The good, the bad and the really bad…

I suppose you guys have already figured out by now that Matt has been banned again and are itching for an explanation.

Here are 5 reasons:
1. He was banned in the first place for going against the admin’s authority.
2. He was banned for thinking that he was an admin and ordering around some users.
3. He was banned because he simply did not give respect to others.
4. He was banned because of his “attention seeking” which we tried to ignore at first but it just became so ridiculous that we had to do something about it.
5. He was banned again for trying to stir up a fight with another user again.

Some 6 quick facts about Matt:
1. He was banned in the past for “stalking” some younger girls.
2. He was banned in the past for “flaming” lots of users. (And we got the emails he sent to them to prove it.
3. He thinks he is the coolest/hottest guy in the forum. (Seriously, you don’t proclaim this. You wanna be cool/hot? Be humble first.)
4. He thinks he can do a better job than the admins (So flaming people and disrespecting them is admin material? I don’t think so.)
5. Posts on the forums using his PS3 hooked to a 42 inch LCD TV. (Uhm, yeah and thats supposed to mean that he is mature enough not to boast about it. Zing!)
6. He asks all the girls to be his girlfriends. (Now girls, did you know this?)

Now still think he is a great guy? I never wanted to post this and leave him alone but he never wanted to leave us alone, so there you go Matt.