Sanriotown FAQs
Questions about blogging in Sanriotown? You’ve come to the right place!

A big fuss of things…

Recently we’ve been having some people think that we have banned someone that wasn’t justified. Before everyone go loco let me let me give out a few facts.

  • * When we ban someone, all three main admins (Ishida, Rukia and Tohomiko) discuss about it. We only ban people when all three agree that a user deserves a ban.
  • * Second chances, yes. We give those who were banned another chance. Just to clear things up, the user we banned a few weeks ago (which most of you know who), has been banned in the past for flaming other users and surprisingly stalking them (especially the younger girls, tsk, tsk). So don’t you think we were gracious enough to let him come back despite what he’s done in the past?
  • * Some of you think that all the admins do is just be the “police” of the forum and you think you can do a better job. Well if you can multitask and handle a load of paperwork and do every other 10+ tasks that needs to be done immediately then maybe you can.

And also here are a few things you should not do:

  • * Tell the admins what to do. Seriously, please don’t tell us what to do. We know our jobs better than you think you can do.
  • * Do not order anyone around thinking that you are an admin. If you see something wrong, or someone is misbehaving, try not to argue with them in the post. Just report him in the staff lounge.

Now with this knowledge I do hope we come to understanding. Any reactions or complaints? Please feel free to comment or drop by the staff lounge. Thanks…