Sanriotown FAQs
Questions about blogging in Sanriotown? You’ve come to the right place!

Is blogging for you?

I’ve searched near and far to look for blogs worth reading. From the hundreds and thousands of blogs that I’ve seen it seems that there are only a handful of people that are truly passionate about their blogs. I’ve done some research and made a simple sort of guide for you guys to follow if you want to spice up your blogs a bit.

1. Do you enjoy writing?
Everyone knows blogs are written. Many people write down stuff on their blogs but do they actually enjoy it? Do you like writing stuff down as a hobby and not because everyone else is doing it?

2. What is your message?
Okay, so you like to write. But what are you trying to tell people? Are you writing something to get your beliefs accross? Are you writing something to get your point out in the public?

3. Are you a good communicator?
Writing is not the only thing thats important. Are you letting your commentators get involved? Are you replying to their comments? Do you respond well when someone critisizes your work?

4. Are you better at writing or speaking?
So writing may not be the thing for you. If you would prefer to voice out your thoughts then podcasting or videocasting is the way to go. With a little bit of skill for using a camcorder or voice recorder you can make yourself heard in realtime. You can upload your video/sound files to DreamStudio for that matter and just post a link here in your blog.

5. Do you want to be the central voice in your website/community?
Do you think that more interaction would be more suited to you? Having a blog is more on one-way interaction. Your readers can post comments but the focus is still on your topic. If you want a more liberal type of posting then try considering posting in the forums aside from your blogs.

6. Are you a self-starter?
It takes a lot of initiative to start a blog. But do also consider that you need to plan what you want to post in a blog.

7. Are you disciplined?
Having a blog means you have to make some time to post something. Similarly you need to schedule when and what to post. While daily posting can be considered a good target for your posting, try to post as much as you can. Will you be able to post something new everyday?

8. Do you have time?
Do you really have time to look over your blog? Posting updates is one thing but moderating comments, adding links and new categories is another. Do you also make time to visit other blogs and post comments and trackbacks?

9. Are you thick-skinned?
Similar to being a good communicator, can you handle comments whether they’re good or bad?

10. Are you willing to be in the public spotlight?
Remember that blogging is public (unless you make some posts private) and that everyone can see you. You are exposed to the world and are you prepared for it? Are you careful enough not to contradict yourself? Is your integrity in tact when you blog? These are just a few things to be careful about when you blog about yourself, your livestyle and the people/things around you.

11. Do you have any technical ability?
This was really never a requirement to get a blog up and running but if you have the technical skills to know what makes a blog tick then its an advantage. There are times you might want to do some advanced stuff on your blog like adding Cluster Maps, counters and etc. If you don’t know how to do any of these then its time to befriend someone who knows how to.

12. Do you take yourself too seriously?
One of the more negative characteristics of bloggers is not having a sense of humor. Remember that smiling and posting something on the lighter side of life will do wonders for your blog and for yourself.

13. Do you have a blend of humility and Ego?
Having a sense of humor is the first step, but humility is another thing. If you can balance your humility and “Ego-ness” and add a dash of humor into it, blogging will be a whole new experience for you.

14. Are you willing to learn?
Blogging may be an act where you are trying to educate someone through your words but did you know that it could also let you learn things you have never thought of before? Take of this guide as an example, if it wasn’t for blogging about it, I wouldn’t have researched the other numerous blogs and sites that gave me helpful information that in turn would also help you, the reader.

15. Do you enjoy reading?
Aside from being a good writer is becoming a good reader. You’ll find out that you read more than you write and that reading has inspired you to write.

16. Are you an organized person?
Most of us fail in this category no matter how much we are organized, something is bound to screw up. There is no definite way on how to blog. Just blog what you think is best for you and just make sure you follow up on that schedule.

17. Are you a social person?
At one point, the comments and emails will come in. How you handle them is up to you but keep in mind that these readers are sending you emails and posting comments because your post is interesing. Whether it be a positive or negative post, they’re sending you a message because its interesting. So, please do give some time by replying to them back. A simple thank you would suffice.

18. Do you enjoy “virtual relationships”?
Now that your blog is getting the attention and you have a steady base of people who read and interact on it, how well do you respond to them? Have they become your friends? Have you considered meeting in real life to discuss about it? Remember that a blog is in the virtual world and are you sure you are doing the right thing making this virtual world part of your life?

19. Are you a creative person?
This isn’t necessarily a must but its an advantage if you are. What sort of gimmicks, twists or surprises that you come up to keep your readers coming back?

20. Do you have “Stick-ability”?
A blog isn’t