Sanriotown FAQs
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Why can’t I see any of my comments?

Hi guys! I’ve been receiving a lot of emails and posts in the forums about you not being able to receive any comments from people who visit your blog. A possibility could be that the settings blocking comments might be turned on. Just turn this off to allow comments from everyone! Here are the steps in doing it.

1. First go to your blog’s admin panel.
2. Click on the “Options” tab.
3. Then click on the “Discussions” tab.
4. Scroll down and look for the section that says “Before a comment appears.”
5. There is some stuff with check boxes below it. Make sure there is no check in “An administrator must always approve a comment” and “Comment author must have a previously approved comment”.
6. Scroll down further and click on the “Update Options” button.
7. You are done! Anyone can now post a comment!

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