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What is Dream Studio?

So, you’ve all been asking yourselves, what that new tab on top is.

Dream Studio? Sounds like something from a Steven Spielberg movie. But no, you get to be like Steven Spielberg! You get to be a director like Spielberg and create your own movie?

So what can you do with Dream Studio? First of all, you can basically create a photo album. Just add pictures for each slide, add some effects and there you have it!

But thats not all! You can also upload movies! Home movies, cartoons, or whatever you like. Bring out your creativity as a director. You can even add your own music tracks!

It’s all up to you to create whatever you desire. All it takes is a little practice. Don’t worry, it ain’t that difficult to get used to. There are simple instructions to follow, just click on the tutorial link to get a quick glimpse of what Dream Studio can do for you.

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  1. natalia Says:

    olaaaaaaaaaa kiero pertenecer a todo los ke tenga ke ver con hello kitty

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