Sanriotown FAQs
Questions about blogging in Sanriotown? You’ve come to the right place!

General Blog FAQ

1. How do I create a post?
There are 2 ways to create a post. One is clicking on the “write a new post” link on the dashboard and the other would be clicking on the “Write” tab.

2. How do I add links?
Click on “blogroll”, then click on “add link”. Enter the name, details and a short description then save your link. It should show up on your links.

3. How do I add links in my posts?
Highlight the text that you want a link to appear then click on the “chain” then in the pop-up window that appears, enter the link of the site in the link URL box then click on the insert button.

4. How do I insert pictures in my blog posts?
Click on the “picture frame” and then enter the address of the image then click “insert”. Please also remember that we only allow images that are 400 pixels wide.

5. How can I preview my blog?
Click on “view site”, or you can enter the address manually.

6. What is my blog address?
Here’s an example: <– if you have a hellokitty account <– if you have a mymelody account

Just change my name to your user name that you use to login to the site and thats your own personal address. You can also copy the URL link when you click on “view site” when you try to preview your blog.

7. Can you change the color of the text?
Yes, you can do so via HTML codes.

8. How do I post videos from Dream Studio on to my Blog?
You need to use the HTML editor instead of the wysiwyg editor, just click the ‘html’ and copy the embed code from the Dream Studio video.

9. How many categories am I allowed to make?
As many as you want!