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Show and Tell What You Cooked for Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

1.  How do I start a blog on Sanriotown?

All you have to do is click on the green tab named "BLOG" on the Sanriotown toolbar at the top after you logged in and you are ready to start blogging!  If this is the first time you activate your blog service, you will be asked to accept a standard Terms of Service.


2.  How do I get the URL of my posts to place in the comment section to enter the contest?

Once you have finish composing your post, you can visit the main page of your blog by clicking on the link besides your blog title.  Once there, you can click on the entry post you have created and use Ctrl-C to copy the address shown on the address bar and use Ctrl-V to paste into the "Leave a Reply" comment box shown in the Join Now! post.


3.  How do I insert a picture into my post?

In the blog edit / "write" mode, you can use the Upload function under the main writing window to upload your picture via the "Browse …" button.  Once you have finish uploading, you can use the "Send to editor >>" button to insert the picture into your post.

If you have an URL of image you wanted to use, you can also use the "Insert/edit image" button on the main writing window toolbar (image ) to insert a picture.


4.  How do I resize a picture?

You can either resize your picture using a photo edit program such as Paint before uploading, or edit your image’s property using the same "Insert/edit image" button (image ) to control your image’s size.

If you have other questions about joining this event, please feel free to email us at marketing@hellokitty.com