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It’s summer time!

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while since we last wrote. We’ve recently come back from the best holiday ever! I think we mentioned in our last blog that we went to Magaluf with our 10 closest friends and family (including our Mum and Sister) to celebrate our birthdays – well, it was so amazing…we had soooo much fun! The place we stayed at was cool – dead nice and really close to the beach. We all went down there everyday and did lots of sunbathing and swimming in the clear, blue sea. Ah, we wish we were still there! We got inflatable rings and messed about on those for ages and also took a ride on a crazy thing we had to stand up on and get dragged along by a speed boat. We were really scared at first (and screaming lots!) but it ended up being dead fun. We got to eat lots of nice food and have some fantastic tropical cocktails…we have so many happy memories. We’d defo go back there again! We even got a massive bouquet of flowers and a dead yummy birthday cake given to us by the hotel - lush! It was so funny as all the hotel staff came and sang Happy Birthday to us. The biggest laugh was when we went out clubbing with our Mum – she’s so fun to hang out with – I think she danced better than the rest of us! J 

We thought you may like to see some of our photos so we’ve uploaded them onto the Dream Studio. We’ve also uploaded some of the video from our Reveal magazine photoshoot – hope you enjoy them.

Thanks so much to everyone who has emailed us. Unfortunately, we can’t reply to all the emails as we’d be sitting inside all day and we want to be out and about in this gorgeous sunshine at the moment! But we’d love to answer any questions you have for us. Perhaps you can email them below and we’ll try and get back to as many as possible.

We hope you’re all enjoying the summer as much as we are.

Talk to you soon! Don’t forget to email us your questions.

Love Samanda xxxx