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Do you feel like linking Ao-chan’s awesomely amazing life?

(Ao-chan: “YES YOU DO! =D”
Me: “You’re gonna scare them away… -_-U)

Then use this poorly-drawn cheap button by Kasumi!
(Me: Hey… I worked on that thing n__n
Ao-chan: Only stating the truth 8D)

=O It's not cheap!!

Linkness: http://blog.kuririnmail.com/sakuranbo_

As you can tell, i’m not the best at computer drawing, eh heh heh…
Anyways, thanks so much if you use it! ;D

**By the way, I /just/ (finally D:) started adding links to my blogroll, so just ask if you want to exchange links or something :3 I love putting up links 8DD

And if i’ve put you up on mine, you don’t have to add me xD It just means I like your blog ;3

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