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Because of Ao-chan’s recent (an really weird) obsession with Estonia, he thinks that going to the airport means we’re heading over to Estonia. Oh joy.

“Kuidas käsi käib, Kasumi?”
“I’ve been brushing up on my Estonian lately.”
“-sigh- I’ve told you before, we’re not going to Estonia! Only to Ohio for Christmas!”
“So anyway, I was thinking that we sould buy some traditional Estonian clothing to blend in and feel multicultural…”
I just kinda stopped trying.

Ao-chan’s only been on a plane once, and that was when we went to Italy, so he seemed to assume that all flights are ten hours long, and he tried to stuff the Wii in my bag without me noticing.

“Seriously, Ao-chan? Is that supposed to be camouflage?”
“Huh? What are you talking about, there’s no Wii in that bag! Now, let’s get moving before that plane leaves…”
I guess he forgot that he needed a TV too xD


“OMG! Kasumi! Let’s buy an iPod!”
“What? Why?”
“They’re in a VENDING MACHINE! It’s a sign from the gods!”
“What kind of gods tell you to buy electronics from vending machines? xD”

After having to stuff Ao-chan in the deep depths of my bag so he couldn’t fight with the flight attendant again, we finally boarded the plane.
“I call window seat!” He popped out.

“No way! I get it! …Wait a second Ao-chan, we don’t have that seat. Some random guy does D:”
“-shock- B-but… I wanted to see Estonia from the skies!”
“Yeah, sorry, move…”
He got out a pad of paper and pen.
“Wait, what…?”
“Shush, i’m in the middle of the creative process!”
“There! Done! >:D”
…It said something like “Please do not sit in this seat. It is prone to random stick figure attacks. Thank you.”
…If you could actually read his writing, anyway xD
“OH HO HO! This should work!”
“Stick figures…?”

Well, it turns out that we /did/ actually have the window seat, eh heh heh…
Ao-chan was happy xD

So happy that I heard Excalibur’s song the whole way o_o
(I’ll explain that later… xD)


Gah, I can’t believe I forgot to write about Venice o:
It was the most amzing city, considering it really is on water. There are absolutely no cars, but people have little boats to go down on the canals instead :D
…I forgot to tell Ao-chan about the amount of water in this city. So when we arrived, he was pretty mad.
“Kasumi. WHAT. IS. THIS.”
“Uhhhhm. Water?”
“CORRECT! Water is the /face of evil/. Which means this is the city of evil. I WANNA GO BACK TO FLORENCE. NOW.”
…I ignored his sulking 8D

Venice’s biggest canal, the Grand Canal ;D
Ao-chan’s head is too big, so I put two pictures next to each other xD (Although both were slightly cut off…)

Yeah. This is Venice’s waste disposal system =D Hahaha. A dump boat.
This interested Ao-chan a bit, so he was getting used to being so near what he calls ‘death’.

I’m surprised i’m still alive after I told Ao-chan what we were doing later xD
You just /can’t/ go to Venice and not go for a gondola ride. That would just be… uh… un-tourist-ish. xD

Some guy was singing in Italian in the boat next to us, but you couldn’t hear him under all of Ao-chan’s screaming.
“Ao-chan, calm down, you won’t die!”
He didn’t hear me… -_-U

Everytimg time the boat rocked, he yelled even louder xD

“Kasumi, I don’t like going down this dark alley. What if Italian gangsters come and jumps us with their spatulas?!”
“Shut up, Ao-chan. You’re ruining the mood, and wait- what? Spatulas? Where did that come from?”

…Poor Ao-chan D: By the time it was over, he was pretty traumatized.
If I knew what ‘Stupid Americans’ in Italian sounded, i’m sure I would have heard one of the gondoliers say it xD

From the belltower o:
Apparently Ao-chan has no fear of heights xD
“Hey, can we go bungee jumping?”
“Of the belltower?! I’m pretty sure that’s illegal…”
“Aw. But why?”
“What do you mean why? xD It’s dangerous.”

Yup, so this is the last post about Italy xD Sorry there wasn’t much…
We also took the train to Milan to fly home (we were only there for one day), but I didn’t take any pictures, sorry~ xD


A few days later, we took a train from Rome to Florence =D
I forgot my camera for half the time. Oh well, it was pretty much a small city with old art everywhere…
Ao-chan and I went to an old church that had the tombs of a bunch of important people, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
“WHAT?! B-but… how could they die? I see them every saturday morning!”
“What are you- oh, no, Ao-chan, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were named after them. Those were people, not freak reptiles.”
“Phew, okay, that’s good…”
“It’s good that someone died?!”
“Argh, no, forget it.”
It’s fun to mess with him xD
I think this is Michelangelo’s tomb:

xDDD I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist, haha.
And forgive me if I got the wrong turtle ;_;

Woot, Italian McDonalds xD

Next my family went to some museum, but I was kinda sick of old paintings, so Ao-chan and I made an escape.
“Bwa ha ha! Kasumi, we’re runaways!”
“That’s right >:D I dunno what this is either, but lets take a picture of you with it~”

Apparently, you can climb 400 steps to the top.
“Let’s do it!”
“NO. All you have to do is ride in my bag, and i’ll be the one doing all the work.”

In a plaza, some kid started feeding the pigeons… and really, there’s a reason you shouldn’t o_O

This is only half of them xD It looked like dirt was all over the ground…

“Here Ao-chan, take a picture with the pigeon o:”
“Ew, no! It’s all mangy and diseased and…”
I eventually got him to, but he wouldn’t get too close xD
The beep of the camera must’ve scared it or something (Ao-chan: I think it was just afraid of Kasumi >:D), because it jumped from it’s spot and ran into me on it’s way in the air…
“Heh… haha… HAHAHAHAHAAA!”
“What are you laughing at, Ao-chan?!”
“Kasumi… your… should- BWA HA HA HA!”
I slowly turned my head, and saw it. A chunk of green… pigeon present.
“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” I started screaming and running around, scaring off all of the nearby birds xD
At least I can brag about getting pooped on by an Italian pigeon… -_-U
Is that a good thing or not? xD


The first city we went to was Rome =D
It’s pretty much just a big Italian city, except for the old ruin stuff.
“Hey Kasumi, we should go buy a scooter, since everyone else has one!”
“What? I can’t afford that!”
But it’s true, there are scooters EVERYWHERE.
I never did get around to taking a picture of them…

Ao-chan rode in my bag when we went on tours, but came out for pictures :D


“Hey, hey, Kasumi, what’s that?!”
“Uh… I dunno. But it looks special, so lets take a picture! =D”

After that we went over to *le gasp* the Colloseum…

“Kasumi, why is half of the wall missing?”
“Hm? Oh, they said it fell.”
“WHAT?! It f-fell?! And we’re going in?!”

(This is what the inside looks like…)
“Kasumi, can we hurry up and get out of here?”
“Argh. Fine. Let’s go… the tour guide’s gonna lose her breath soon anyway, haha”

“OMG! Kasumi! Round rock!”
“Ancient people probably washed their feet on that, you know.”
“Ew! Gross! Really?!”
“Haha. No.”
As my punishment he just layed there. And made me wait.
“Okay, rock time over! Let’s go! I heard the walls are about to fall again!”
“WAAAGH! Let’s leave now!!!”

Hahahahaha xD
When we were walking I saw this sign, and for some reason it’s really funny…

Next is the Pantheon o:
Ao-chan didn’t find it that interesting, except for this:

The information machine-thingy…
“W-H-O-A, an old fashioned Wii!! I won’t die on this trip! But this is a boring game…”
“Ao-chn, that’s not a Wii… or a video game…”
But he didn’t listen xD
“HAH HAH! I’m winning!”
“Ao-chan, move other people want to… uhm… ‘play’ ”

I forgot the name of this fountain… eh heh heh…
“Ao-chan, you wanna throw a coin in?”
“Pfft, no! It’s just free money for them!”
“Yeah, but it’s not my money =D”
“Aaah, whatever.”
I could tell he was a little excited >:D

Ao-chan’s didn’t go very far… but I threw mine so hard it bounced of one of the statues xD

Sorry for overwhelming you with this ultra-long post xD


Have you noticed the lack of posts lately? >:D
There’s a reason…

Ao-chan and I went to Italy for two weeks o: With my family, of course (no, Kasumi doesn’t live alone xD).

Probably the longest time Ao-chan’s been without the Wii, but he was entertained this time =] I’ll have to separate the posts, cuz there’s so much to say xD

The plane ride:

Ten hours. In an enclosed space. With a Wii-less Ao-chan. Oh, how fun.

Ao-chan, that’s my seat…

Ao-chan’s never been on a plane ride before, much less this far from home xD

“WHOA WHOA WHOA KASUMI, we’re in the air!”

“Yeah, that’s why it’s called an airplane.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t actually think… hey, can we shoot things?”


“Like, you know, in those games…”

“Uh, no. We didn’t pay to die.”

Then the plane did that zero-gravity drop thing for a second, and I screamed.

“Hah! I knew it! We’re under attack!”

“Stop saying that or they might kick you off of the plane, Ao-chan!” xD

Luckily my Nintendo DS kept him occupied most of the time :3

“Kasumi! They’re threatening us to buy Euros! :o”

There is a real reason for not blogging lately D; Ao-chan and I went to visit my cousins. Unfortunatly Ao-chan hates my little cousins. But he did come because I said amusement park.

The first place he wanted to go was the games.

“Come on, Kasumi, it’s only three dollars for the balloon pop!”
Fine. Only once!”
I bought two darts.
He missed both, one of them bounced off of the balloon and hit me T_T
“Okay. Just one more. I promise!”
Ten later:
“No Ao-chan!!! I’m broke now! Let’s leave.”
Besides, Ao-chan and darts is potentially dangerous.

“No, Ao-chan, I told you, you wasted all my money in the first ten minutes!”
I wanted roasted corn tooo TT_TT


Of course. My luck, there would be a Wii thing here. Oh great.
“Kasumi. Kasumi. Kasuuuuumiiiii. Let’s go there!!”
“-sigh- Okay, but just for a little bit.”
My cousins don’t have a Wii, so he felt deprived.
“Wooo! Yeah! Kasumi, we should buy Mario Kart!”
“I’m broke, remember.”
I think I fell asleep… because when I looked at my watch it was 7:00.
“Ao-chan, have you been playing this whole time?!”
“Er… yes.”
“Other people want to play!”
“Hm. Do you wanna?”
“No! I mean… ah, why not?”
I wasted another two hours, until they closed the Wii place.
“Ao-chan, the stupid park’s gonna close in an hour! And we wasted time here!”
“Whoa! But I wanted to ride the merry-go-round!”
We ran over to it, and no one was riding…
“Ka-kasumi… it’s… it’s CLOSED!!” =(
“Hm. Well it is 9:00…”
“Do somethiiiiiing.”
I asked the guy who was working it if he could do one more ride, and he said yes.

I think Ao-chan had a pretty good day :D
Because later we got roasted corn…

I wanted a picture of Ao-chan and fireworks =O
But I either missed the firework, or he was in the way T_T

So this is the best one:

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