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Hee hee hee
Forget Kasumi’s page. Ao-chan is *much* more interesting, riiight children? *Nod Nod*

Ao-chan is Kasumi’s five inch tall felt stuffed bunny x3
Technically, he’s a reject, made out of boredom.
(Ao-chan: “YOU’RE JUST JEALOUS! D:<)

For some reason, he’s always sad. Maybe that’s because his eyes are glued on.

He enjoys hogging Kasumi’s Wii, especially Pokemon Battle Revolution
(Kasumi: He should play Wii Sports more =D)

And has an unhealthy obsession with pocky and Barbie & the Nutcracker.

Ao-chan is even lazier than Kasumi. Only goes out of the house about twice a month.

He also enjoys breakdancing to Ayumi Hamasaki’s eurobeat and technopop remixes, along with Friday night kareoke.

Ao-chan can be grumpy at times
(Ao-chan: Sayz YOU, Kasumi)
Fine. Assertive.

And Kasumi often suffers from his selfishness
(Ao-chan: Oh, cry me a river now, why don’t you?! Then you can DROWN!)


If you have a question, feel free to ask him.
He can’t bite your head off over the internet.

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