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(That’s right kiddies, Kasumi got a snazzy new camera 8D So as soon as she can hook it up to her computer, THIS BLOG WILL NEVER BE THE SAME o:)

PS- Sorry for the huge lack of posts… o_oU I have a bunch I need to put up xD But that won’t be til AFTER New Years… TT_TT)

PPS- Merry Christmas and happy holidays~! 8D

Uhm, so I just happened to find this while searching up songs by Plus-Tech Squeezebox (hehe) xD
It must’ve taken FOREVER, haha.
(no, I didn’t make it D:)


Forgive me e_e
I just realized that I haven’t blogged in a month o:
You can slap me if you want D: (Ao-chan did -3-)

Aaaanyway, recently Ao-chan got lost for two days.
I’ve gotta hand it to him though, this time he really did something difficult to do o3o

We put the tree up on Thanksgiving, and it was kind of suspicious that every once in a while a branch would move a bit. BUT THERE WAS NO WIND.
Dun dun duuuuuuh!
I think you know what that means.
It just so happened that Ao-chan went missing then. First I thought that maybe he accidentaly fell into the turkey or something, but there was no blue fur (oh darn- eh heh heh xD)
Suspicious, much?
But I didn’t think that Ao-chan would be in the tree. I mean seriously, he’s on bad terms with nature.
That, and I was wondering how long he’d stay in there.
I’d just take a chair and sit in front of the tree.
And stare.
I was waiting for him to say something.
It was kinda creepy o_o So I went to check it out.

“Ao-chan, uh…”
“Heyyyy Kasumi! Thank goodness! I thought I was a goner!”
“Well, I, uh, wanted to see if I could brave the Alaskan wilderness… fighing polar bears and eskimos and all… but I fail D:”
“Er… so you went to the plastic Christmas tree in the living room?”
“Oh yeah! They’re best for training! But after losing my sense of direction, I noticed I lost my voice from screaming at video games ): …Then I must’ve gone to sleep, and you rescued me~! *-*”
“… This is why i’m a little worried about you o_O”
And then he just hopped out of the tree.


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