• August 2008
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Gah, I can’t believe I forgot to write about Venice o:
It was the most amzing city, considering it really is on water. There are absolutely no cars, but people have little boats to go down on the canals instead :D
…I forgot to tell Ao-chan about the amount of water in this city. So when we arrived, he was pretty mad.
“Kasumi. WHAT. IS. THIS.”
“Uhhhhm. Water?”
“CORRECT! Water is the /face of evil/. Which means this is the city of evil. I WANNA GO BACK TO FLORENCE. NOW.”
…I ignored his sulking 8D

Venice’s biggest canal, the Grand Canal ;D
Ao-chan’s head is too big, so I put two pictures next to each other xD (Although both were slightly cut off…)

Yeah. This is Venice’s waste disposal system =D Hahaha. A dump boat.
This interested Ao-chan a bit, so he was getting used to being so near what he calls R