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Gah, I can’t believe I forgot to write about Venice o:
It was the most amzing city, considering it really is on water. There are absolutely no cars, but people have little boats to go down on the canals instead :D
…I forgot to tell Ao-chan about the amount of water in this city. So when we arrived, he was pretty mad.
“Kasumi. WHAT. IS. THIS.”
“Uhhhhm. Water?”
“CORRECT! Water is the /face of evil/. Which means this is the city of evil. I WANNA GO BACK TO FLORENCE. NOW.”
…I ignored his sulking 8D

Venice’s biggest canal, the Grand Canal ;D
Ao-chan’s head is too big, so I put two pictures next to each other xD (Although both were slightly cut off…)

Yeah. This is Venice’s waste disposal system =D Hahaha. A dump boat.
This interested Ao-chan a bit, so he was getting used to being so near what he calls ‘death’.

I’m surprised i’m still alive after I told Ao-chan what we were doing later xD
You just /can’t/ go to Venice and not go for a gondola ride. That would just be… uh… un-tourist-ish. xD

Some guy was singing in Italian in the boat next to us, but you couldn’t hear him under all of Ao-chan’s screaming.
“Ao-chan, calm down, you won’t die!”
He didn’t hear me… -_-U

Everytimg time the boat rocked, he yelled even louder xD

“Kasumi, I don’t like going down this dark alley. What if Italian gangsters come and jumps us with their spatulas?!”
“Shut up, Ao-chan. You’re ruining the mood, and wait- what? Spatulas? Where did that come from?”

…Poor Ao-chan D: By the time it was over, he was pretty traumatized.
If I knew what ‘Stupid Americans’ in Italian sounded, i’m sure I would have heard one of the gondoliers say it xD

From the belltower o:
Apparently Ao-chan has no fear of heights xD
“Hey, can we go bungee jumping?”
“Of the belltower?! I’m pretty sure that’s illegal…”
“Aw. But why?”
“What do you mean why? xD It’s dangerous.”

Yup, so this is the last post about Italy xD Sorry there wasn’t much…
We also took the train to Milan to fly home (we were only there for one day), but I didn’t take any pictures, sorry~ xD

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