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3:00 AM:

“Hey Kasumi. I’m boreddd”
“Ao-chan, please just sleep for once…”
“Wait! I know! Let’s tell scaaaary stoooories~!

“ARGH, no. Turn off that annoying light and go to sleep!”
I threw a pillow at him from my bed.
“Ahem. Well. I’ll start first. So there was this house. And these people lived in it. And — DUN DUN DUHHHH– the fridge was empty..”
“And they all died, happily ever after. Boring story, Ao-chan.”
“No! They didn’t die! Usually having an empty fridge is only really bad, right? But in their case, it was really really bad. There was a reason the fridge was empty. It wasn’t because the girl was too lazy to get up and go to the grocery store so they had to eat off of stale cereal and eat things randomly thrown into a pan by Kasumi- I mean the girl.*cough*. It was scary because all of the food left by itself.
It sounds stupid, but as he was talking I could have sworn I felt like I was being watched O_O
“…And you know why?! Can you guess? Huh? HUH?!”
“*Sigh* A nuclear explosion.”
“No, Kasumi! Geez, you’re bad at scary stories.”
Look who’s talking e_e
Anyways, one night the girl who lived at the house got up and went to the fridge for some milk. But when she opened it, she saw… she saw… WAAAGH Kasumi, SAVE MEEE!”
“What the- Ao-chan, don’t get scared at your own stupid story!”
“Uhm, uh, I think i’ll go t-to sleep now. It’s too frightening.”
“Whatever. At least you’ll shut up.”

At around four in the morning, I was thirsty. For milk, of all things…
My eyes were only half open, but I somehow got down the stairs without injury.
I reached my hand out…
Opened the refrigerator door…
And screamed.

You might say, “How the heck is that scary?!” but it was TT_TT

But it was scary to Ao-chan too >:D

But ramen isn’t a fruit…

Yes, I know April Fools was a while ago, but it has taken me a while to recover from the trauma Ao-chan has recently caused me.

See, to Ao-chan, April Fools means you can hurt people all you want but if you add “April Fools!” to it, it’s funny T_T


Unfortunatly I’ve been unusually mean to Ao-chan lately, eh heh heh…

So he really went all-out this year TT_TT

First, he trashed my notebook:

…Two days before my test =3=

Then he used my toothbrush:

…To clean the toilet TT_TT

He deleted all of my pictures and filled them with this:

(Ao-chan: In 87 unique poses! =D”)

And the last straw. He… changed… my… wallpaper…

I’m scarred for life. D:

“AO-CHAAAAAN!! You- you- RAWR!”
“I see… so how’s life?”
“How’s… life?! TERRIBLE! You just ruined my stuff and used April Fools as a stupid excuse!!”
“Me? Noooo, what’re you talking about? What is this ‘April Fools’”?
“Don’t give me that! D:”
He just walked off to the Wii… n_n
But I also had one April Fools joke for him >:D

I taped a picture I drew of a bunny caught in a snare.

It was a cute bunny…

I’m sorry you had to hear that, kids. -_-U
But sometimes I go a little crazy…
Maybe I should stop tormenting Ao-chan back though, because I woke up with a bed full of toothpaste TT_TT

Tough love, much?

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