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20Q. You’ve probably heard of it, that annoying little “game” where you’ve gotta answer 20 questions, and it’ll guess what your thinking of. And if you’re not careful, you might just end up sitting there for hours pressing those stupid buttons.
Well, Ao-chan just discovered mine, laying in the back of my closet in hopes i’d never see it again.

“Hey Kasumi, what’s thiiis?”
“Ao-chan, stop digging through my- oh great, not that…”
I knew Ao-chan would end up doing something stupid with it.
“Well, what is it?”
*Sigh* I explained it to him.
“HA. You mean this thing is gonna try to outsmart me?”
Actually, it’s not too hard to do that xD
“Yes, Ao-chan. Now go away.”
So he hopped off in front of the TV and I heard that stupid beeping sound. Ten minutes later,
“What could you have possibly-”

In front of him sat the 20Q, and he looked amazed.
“Kasumi! Kasumi! It guessed a bunny! This thing’s amazing!”
“Sorry to break it to you, but a bunny’s not that hard.”
“Whatever! It can read my mind!”
Ugh. For three hours I heard:
“Kasumi! A lion!”
“Kasumi! A pencil!”
“Kasumi! A Pikachu!”
I knew I should have smashed it when I had the chance T_T

When I called Ao-chan down for dinner, he brought it with him.
“So 20Q, what are we having tonight?”
Beep. Beep. (x20)
When I finished eating:
“You’re right! Corn! But what meat?”

I was amazed at how stupid he was xD

“Hey Kasumi, wanna ask 20Q what you’re brushing your teeth with?”
“No. A toothbrush.”
“Hey! You’ve gotta give him time!”
“Ao-chan, it’s not a ‘he’. That’s an electronical device programmed by some guy who probably lived his life in front of the computer in his mom’s basement.”
“Shush! You’re offending him! His godly powers can be used for evil, you know.”
That was it. I had enough of this.
“Gimme that!”
I took the 20Q from Ao-chan and chunked it out the bathroom window. He was shocked >:D
“H-how could you, Kasumi?!”
“Sorry. My hand slipped.”
I also did this:

(Ao-chan: *Sniff* Animal Cruelty!)

Yes, I was being very mean, but someone had to set him straight -nod nod-

Eh…. Ao-chan’s really mad at me for not blogging in a long time, and I value my life, so are you happy now, Ao-chan?!

 Anyways, the title says it all. Ao-chan’s gone *gasp* vegetarian! I didn’t think it would be humanly possible for me to use those two words in a sentence without ‘never will be’, but it’s true O_O When you think about it, it’s kinda wrong for a bunny his size to be eating cow meat anyway… But it’s annoying when he eats all my ricecakes TT_TT

So when he first told me I thought it was a joke xD But when we went to a restaurant, he tried to prove me wrong -_-

“Soooo Ao-chan, whatcha gonna get? The kid’s menu only has meat or macaroni.”
“I hate macaroni! And i’m not eating meat, remember? Uhhhh… i’ll eat… ketchup then!”
“Erm… are you sure about that? I could order just bread or something…”
“No! Bring me the ketchup! D:

“…. Are you really gonna eat that? It’s nasty.”
“Yes! Yes I am.”
I saw him eyeing my burger -_-*

Somehow he ended up squirting ketchup on me, so I had to go to the bathroom and get it off my shirt n__n

When I came back I saw this:

*Gasp* “Ao-chan!”
“You… you broke your promise!”
“So what? This promise wasn’t very tasty, sooo…”

That day he still claimed he was vegetarian T_T

Last night Ao-chan woke me up again but this time it was something besides his games.

“Not again. What?!”
“Can I have something?”
“What do you want in the middle of the night?!”
“…. Caution Tape.”
“You know, that stuff construction workers have.”
“I have my reasons.”
“Whatever. If I buy it for you tommorow will you shut up?”

The next day I had to fullfil my promise, and I went to get caution tape. Not the orange kind. Or the green kind. Nooooo, the yellow. With English and Spanish on it.

“So, whatcha gonna do with it?”
“… That’s it?! I go all the way to the store just for you to wrap yourself in it?!”

A waste of my time.
Oh well. At least now I can sleep.

Ao-chan + Caution Tape = Love

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