Hey everyone, last night, after Sanrio’s Mea Culpa, I was able to play the game for a few hours. Here is my experience so far on the game.

We have a few characters available, and a few choices (and a few crashes) for skin color, hair (2 coloured mullets and one Tintin-like crew cut for the boys), and a few info to fill in. Then we are catapulted in a world, where if we speak to the proper character, we are told we can either go to the Harbor directly, or go through the tutorial.

I did the tutorial, and frankly, it’s very static. Some of the feature aren’t working either (like the character telling us we should see an icon for a shop, well there wasn’t an icon to be seen). Nothing a good beta cure can correct, though!

Then, we are sent to the Harbor, where we either explore, or start talking to one of the characters. Doing quests is interesting, they are the typical grinding stuff, where you will gain money, experience, reputation and special items. The quest page is complicated and unintuitive, but it gets the job done.

The game itself is cute… Okay, very cute… Okay, incredibly cute! It’s in pseudo 3D, and instead of relying on heavy 3D to render all elements, they did what most casual games are doing: beautifully rendered 2D scenery. I am only saddened I cannot change the resolution for the screen. And even if the options is there, the settings, as well as some other strings, are not translated from Chinese. Again, it’s a beta! Grain of salt required!

There have been a few skirmishes between a few people, some people where downright rude, but it was to be expected with more than a hundred people trying to do starting quests late at night. I feel almost relieved the game got too many people for their servers, I cannot imagine the freak show it would’ve been if everyone were to be able to connect!

But that are clearly exceptions, as people started to familiarize to the game, everyone tried to stay on friendly side… although it was funny to see so many old people, a “poor” 17 years old was feeling young while playing HKO! That was hilarious! In my 30s, I was in the high end of the curve, but not the highest end either.

I am sad I cannot play today, but I’ll play during the long week-end, that’s for sure!

On that, I need to go to sleep.

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  1. good to hear your views :D I missed the first day… oh well back to the grind XP

  2. Sorry about that, Ripplecloud :) Well, you didn’t miss that much, especially due to the connectivity problems. Now it’s mostly corrected and it’s all more fun.

  3. well I’m having problems getting through to the portal earlier and that sort of spoiled the fun for me so i went to sleep instead wahahahaha… hey mind if I add you in the game… I like self-identified geezers :D

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