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As many of you know, the Sailor Scouts guild has opened up once again on the North America server, and we are all having a wonderful time! Because it is a closed beta, we probably won’t get to keep our characters, but it is a good chance to see how things have changed and explore some new areas. If you would like to join us, please stop a scout and ask for an invite in game, otherwise I hope to see you all in open beta.

I am working on revamping the blog roll and making new buttons, so in the meantime if anyone is looking for our guild links or member blogs please see rippleclouds post here:


See you all in game!

4 Responses to “We are back (again)!”

  1. :) just came to visit!

  2. HI! I cant wait for OB!!!

  3. hey It’s SaraJane! I can’t wait for open Beta too. >.

  4. Hey sailoria, I keep missing you, someone setup the guild inside SEA but I don’t know who is there did you do that?

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