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So I would like to this in 2 separate blog posts. One for the first part of the happy hearts reunion and one for the second (the extension/ charity event).

In this first part, I want to talk about testing the new farming system, which was one of the main reasons for this beta test/event.

For those of you who didn’t get to play with us in this beta, the farming system was revamped a bit.  They made it so that we could purchase new farm deeds and with each more expensive deed, a new farm level. With each seed level corresponding to which farm you could grow on. For instance If I buy a level 2 farm, I can’t grow level 3 seeds, but I can grow level 1 and level 2  seeds. I can’t recall all of the farm choices (each level of farm has a few different layout options)  or seed levels. Those of you played in closed beta will remember some of the farm choices we had then,  it’s the same sort of thing.

Another one of the major changes to the farm system was the fact that others, even people outside of you guild, could now help fertilize, water ( a new feature) and harvest your ripe crops. Others may not help you plant or destroy old crops. All the things harvested by your farm slaves helpers will go directly to the farm owners inventory. I really liked this new feature and found it very useful, especially since they took away our pause button. Yes that’s right. We could no longer pause our farms to harvest and the growth/ripening/death rate was extremely accelerated to correspond to a “day meter”. Now your crops are governed by a visible bar in the upper right hand corner of your screen that cycles through the day times on your farm.  Towards the latter part of the beta, they added a huge disturbing sun graphic that would pop up and disable your mouse commands on the screen when it became a new day on your farm. I seriously hope they hear the outcry of the in game farming community and please please make the bad sun go away xD

They also made it so that each time the farm owner leaves, everyone will be booted out of the farm. This includes instances where the farm owner accidentally goes into her house while harvesting crops. Yes it did happen to me xD and it wouldn’t be so bad if people didn’t have to ask and wait for permission from the farm owners to enter farms now.

I hope I have done a well enough job outlining the new farming changes here (maybe not very objectively) and please feel free to add anything I have forgotten, as well as let me know how you guys feel about all the new features. Overall, I think a lot of the changes were a positive step in right direction, and I can see that they have a lot of potential to them.  Especially if Starrfire is on your farm and she is excited to tell you what to do help you harvest your crops and try out the new farming system xD  (see screen shot for example)

Another bit they changed back to the way things were in CB was the pet cards. Each creature now drops a card that you may collect and add to your beat encyclopedia, and you may use the cards to equip the creatures as pets. I was really happy about this, because in CB I had a bee for a pet, and I was able to so again. However all the pets still talk and it can be a bit annoying how frequently they talk. They do say some pretty amusing things though.

They also seem to get hungry really often! Hopefully there will be another type of food in the next beta that will keep them full for longer.  Again, if I have forgotten any change in this beta that anyone would like to add, please feel free to do so in the comments below. I will work on that second half blog post as soon as possible!

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