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Idea for the guild uniform:

Or we may change it to a top hat. That seemed to be a very popular idea last night. I wish you guys had been on in the morning when we were trying to sort this all out  >_<

The shirt:

I sort of liked the tie like that, let me know what you think!

16 Responses to “Very rough”

  1. it just occurred to me looking at this… it looks like superman’s shirt being ripped apart xD Tada!! Super sailor scouts!!

  2. http://www.geishablog.com/uncategorized/of-japanese-school-uniforms-and-fashion/ for reference ^_^

  3. I hope you guys don’t think these are the actual designs, because I put them together in 20 minutes and they aren’t that great. I just wanted opinions on the style and such! I’m hoping someone with actual artistic and fashion skill can help us out with these!

  4. hello how are u? well i’m say that i think that the uniform it should be just a t-shirt with the logo of the sailoria guild and the hat it should say the same i don’t know it looks like boy scout, i like the colors but it should be something more modern i don’t know it’s just an opinion but i’ll take the uniform that you choose, ok take care kisses for all.

  5. I like the tie..But I see these colors all the time on the sailor uniforms and they’re kind of blah to me I’d like different colors if we could that would still match together

  6. I love the Japanese school girl idea! Great job! There’s also Usagi/Mako/Ami/Mina’s high school uniform with darker blue trimmings, but the light blue is great, too!

  7. so I’ve been experimenting with the tie and sailor uniform idea… but having it on a t-shirt just doesn’t work for me either :P… when they say hat, I wonder if thet also mean head gear… does it necesarily have to be hat? Or can it be something more fantastical like what this guy is wearing? - http://i300.photobucket.com/albums/nn10/ripplecloud/HKOarchive/hko-profile.jpg

  8. You know, I take it to mean any sort of head gear (like tiara’s xD). Something like what that guy has would be awesome for us!

  9. woooo, a winged tiara would be so cute.

  10. Happy new years Sailoria!!!

  11. Guild uniform looks very nice.^^
    long time not talk to guildies. I have no time. I always have to study and have Exam. Miss all of you.Hope to see you in Valentine’s event.

  12. Downloading the Valentine HKO version

    I have a new laptop and am now uploading my Hello Kitty Online client, I’m using Vista Home right now so will let you know. I still have my mini laptop with XP and that worked just dandy but it should be much better since I have a higher screen rez.

  13. these look great, btw I must have slept on it, but we submitted them to be made right?

  14. No we havent yet BBE. On the sailoria forum (http://s13.invisionfree.com/Sailoria/), ripple is putting together a poll of everyone’s submission’s so that we can all vote on which we like best :D
    In fact, I’ll add that in my next blog post.

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