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Idea for the guild uniform:

Or we may change it to a top hat. That seemed to be a very popular idea last night. I wish you guys had been on in the morning when we were trying to sort this all out  >_<

The shirt:

I sort of liked the tie like that, let me know what you think!

Thanks so much to SolidierX for typing these up for us. This is a list of all the items you need for the various Christmas quests we are doing right now in HKO. Remember they may seem a bit overwhelming, but if we work together, we can all get them done!

 What you need for the Xmas quests:

Collection quest
-5 Mistletoe
-5 Candy Cane
-5 Xmas Stars

Xmas Smörgåsbord
-25 Eggnog
*140 eggs
*70 Milk
*35 magic spice

-30 Xmas Ham
*75 fresh meat
*120 valuable honey

-30 Fruitcake
*18 Flour
*18 milk
*30 magic spice
*60 Strawberry cake
+180 strawberries
+60 Flour
+60 Milk
+60 Eggs
*60 Lemon Pie
+120 lemons
+40 oat bisquits
*60 Flour
*120 oats
*20 milk
*20 eggs

Broken Bell
-20 Iron ore
-10 copper
-5 yellow dye

Santa’s Rippped Pants
-5 Red dye
*45 sorosis
*35 strawberies
*10 water
*30 clay

-1 zipper
*4 Slick stones
+4 gravel
+4 water
*1 copper ring
+2 clay
+2 copper

-10 cotton (from the wind bell trees)

Snowball fight
-100 Snowballs
*1250 Snow
*250 water

Santa’s Reins
-4 leather straps
-5 zippers
*20 Slick stones
+20 gravel
+20 water
*4 copper ring
+8 clay
+8 copper
-10 Copper ring
*20 clay
*20 copper

5 misltetoe
5 candy canes
5 Xmas stars

220 eggs
138 flour
168 milk
65 Magic spices
215 strawberries
75 fresh meat
120 valuable honey
120 lemons
120 oats
20 Iron ore
30 copper
5 yellow dye
45 sorosis
264 water
60 clay
4 gravel
40 cotton
1250 snow

So you guys remember that email/poll that ripplecloud did, asking you guys about how you came to join the guild? Well she has compiled a list of your answers for us, she is so awesome!

Also, you will be happy to know that you can finally read the interview that Ginger, ripple and I did in it’s entirety right here! You can also read the interviews from the other winning guilds there as well.

Please click the read more link for your answers on how you came to join the guild :D

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I need to start this blog post off with an apology. I am sorry that I haven’t been as good about updating this blog as I should be. Sorry guys!

Ok, now that that is done, I have a few a things I would like to keep the guild updated on. First of all, congratulations to everyone on the amazing entries for the contests and to the winners!

Secondly, I just want to let everyone know that I am making blog buttons for everyone to go one the blog roll and I will be using ripplecloud’s master blog list as reference. So if you have a blog that you want included, please make sure you let her know! She has also set up a really cool tool for us to use, to check when members have updated their blogs. Find it here!

Third, and this is very important! Please join us in Hello Kitty Online once again on December 17th! They will be letting us in the game to frolic and be merry with all our of friends for the holidays! How awesome!! So please don’t uninstall your game client, or you will have to download and install it again in order to join in he fun.

And in closing, I want to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard in our guild in the Food for Friends event. We raised a lot of money for charity and it all went to a great cause. I am so proud of you guys! In fact, I am so touched that I thought I should do something a little special for you guys. So I am going to post a snippet from our guild interview for you guys before it is published! Wow you guys are special! To see it, please read on…. Read more »

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