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Todays post is brought to you by our awesome guild member Sprite! You may have seen her around in game, helping people and being awesome :D

I promise that I am working on a blog post to end all blog posts at this very second. Thanks for buying me some time Sprite! *wipes sweat from brow* heh.

Guide to Profitable Farming

Farming in Hello Kitty Online isn't exactly Harvest Moon, but you do
need to do it for loads of quests, so you may as well get good at it
and make some money while you're at it.

Rule #1) Always have the farm paused unless you are standing watching
your crops grow.

Rule #2) Always fertilize the ground before you put down any seeds.

So, you will enter your farm, pause the game, and then fertilize the
ground for however many seeds you are planting. How many should you
plant at once? I'm glad you asked:

Rule #3) Always lay down seeds in 3x3 blocks. Yes, I know there's a
dev blog saying this isn't important. He's wrong. You want to do two
things: maximixe your crop yield and minimize your fertilizer usage.
The 3x3 grid is the best way to accomplish this.

The layouts:

1) Good - a single pack of seeds:

First, pause the game and fertilize a 3x3 section of ground so that
the fertile level of each square is 100. Not 92, or 98. You want 100.
This will give the plants the fastest rate of growth, which means you
harvest sooner and fertilize less.

Second, lay down your seeds on this 3x3 section of ground. You will
have one seed left over. That's ok.

Third - begin the farming process. Here's how it goes:

Unpause the game, and watch your plants and the fertile level of the
squares. The squares will lose 10 fertile at a time. Sometimes a
plant will die right away. If so, use the extra seed you have to fill
in the spot.

As soon as one of your plants is ready to harvest, pause your game
and harvest. If you wait too long, the harvest can disappear, and the
sooner you harvest, the sooner the next crop will arrive. Do this
every time a plant is ready to harvest. Always.

When the fertile level hits 50, you are ready to fertilize again.
Pause the game, and fertilize each corner square three times. This
will bring the fertile level of all nine squares back above 90 (92 I
think). Remember: Only fertilize the corner squares - fertilizing
affects nine squares at once - so all nine squares will get adequate
fetilization this way.

Once this is done, unpause the game. Again, watch the fertile level
and your crops. Pause whenever a plant is ready to harvest. When the
fertile level drops below 60, pause and again fertilize each corner
square exactly three times. Again, this will bring all the squares
back up above 90.

Unpause the game and repeat, pausing whenever you need to harvest or
whenever the squares drop below 60. Always fertilize the corner
squares three times, so it will look like this:


Where X marks the squares you fertilize.

Better: Three packs of seeds.

To be more efficient, grow three packs of seeds at once. You still
fertilize the ground first, bringing each square up to 100 before you
plant. Then follow the exact procedure outlined above. Your
fertilizing pattern will look like this:


If you notice - the middle 3x3 block only needs to be fertilized in
two squares - so you use less fertilizer and make more money.

Best: Nine packs of seeds.

Follow the same procedure. Up to 100, plant, then fetilize whenever
they drop below 60. Always fertilize exactly three times.

This time your pattern will look like this:

XOXOXOXOX     These blocks only get fertilized in one row

Notice the middle row of three packs now only needs to fertilized in
the center row - so five fertilization spots for all three packs -
money, money, money!

If you mix and match plants, make sure you put the taller plants in
the back, and the shorter ones in the front so you can see whenever
one is ready to be harvested. You must pause the game each and every
time a plant is ready to be harvested to keep the plants producing as
fast as possible.

Try to stand in a spot where you'll be out of the way when you need
to fertilize. Difficult when you're using the full field, but do the
best you can. Once plants start dying, you'll need to decide where
the best spots to keep fertilizing are. I keep fertilizing and
harvesting to the very end. Roots don't sell for much, so I lose more
from missing one good harvest than I do for collecting a bunch of
roots, but do whatever is easier for you. Of course, if you need the
roots, gather them up once the first plant dies.

Try whatever plants you like. I've gotten good results from
cauliflower. They're small and grow fairly quickly. They also sell
for a decent amount, so you can profit more than 20k on a full field.
There may be another plant that is even more profitable I haven't
tried yet.

Let us all know how you do!

Good Luck and Happy Farming!

- Sprite

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks a lot sprite!

  2. Hey Sprite. Thanks for the farm guide. This will definitely come in handy.

  3. Hey Sprite. Your farm guide is really helpful. Just one question, in the XOX, in the O’s you don’t fertilize them right, so I didn’t. But they won’t seem to grow? Do I have to wait?

  4. You rawk, Sprite! TY!

  5. great post! awesome indeed

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