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So those of you who join us on the message board probably already know this, but not everyone checks the guild forum, so I will post this here:

Hi there! Just re-posting the interview with Ali Aslanbaigi, GM Supervisor for Hello Kitty Online:

MMOsite: Is there any sort of rough schedule for when open beta and commercial launch will be available for players? Will there be a character wipe at the end of the beta test?

Ali Aslanbaigi: For both Europe and North America,we plan to have another Closed Beta for Q3 2008. After that,Open Beta will grace both continents during Q4 and commercial launch will be somewhere around the end of Q4 and the beginning of Q1 of 2009. As for the English speaking Asian regions,Open Beta will begin in 2009 and the commercial launch will follow very,very soon after.  Lots and lots of work to be done until then,but for now,just keep your web eyes peeled.

You won’t be able to play the game since Hello Kitty Online is still unavailable or down. Please wait for our official announcement on the exact schedules and availability of the game’s installer. Thanks and I hope this clears everything up.”

Thank you Tom for putting that up there for us!

Another note, a lot of people ask similar questions on the forum about the guild, and how to join, so I thought I would make a place that we can link to in order for them to have a good answer. Please refer all questions by new people who ask about joining the guild to this post! The text below should be of some help.

“Welcome to the guild for all who are interested in joining! To join the guild, you don’t have to have played closed beta, you can just hang out with us here and on the blog, and then meet up with us in game in the next closed or open beta (we aren’t sure yet which one they are letting us into next yet) to join it “officially”. Remember you can always quit the guild you are in and join a new one if you find that one does not suit you.
The purpose of the guilds in hello kitty online are to promote friendship, help each other with projects (such as house building), and to be able to use the guild chat feature and many other reasons. In our guild we have mini games and projects just for us in game! Remember that we are also great friends with people from the other guilds, and we help each other out whenever we can.
If you would like your new guild friends to visit your blog, or be able to email you, please leave your email/blog address in a comment to me, either here or on the blog.  My email address is sailoriastar@hellokitty.com. Please feel free to email at any time with questions or concerns that you may have! ”

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  1. wow! thanks for spreading the news yo. :D

  2. the theme has changed! :D

  3. hello i wanna join the guild but am not sure how to meet up in the game, could you let me know plz thanks :)

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