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So the Hello kitty blog team (I’m not sure of their “official” name) decided that we are so fantastic that we should be featured in the Hello kitty news and blog! The article talks about the aspects of community in the game, and how we helped each other out in CB. It is a very well done article, so a huge thank you to whoever wrote it!

I completely agree that the friendship and community aspect is unique to HKO, and I am so thankful to have met and spent time with every one of you! I can’t wait until open beta, because I am sure we can expect much of the same kindness, friendship and fun to be a part of our experience.

15 Responses to “We are so awesome! (but you already knew that)”

  1. OB is gonna rock if we can find half of what we had in those last 3 days online. I wasn’t missing HKO so much until again today when I read that article. You guys really are such great friends!!

  2. Amen

  3. Congrats on being featured! Looking forward to OB and to meeting all of u in HKO again :)

  4. I’m really glad to have found the guild when I did and I can’t wait for OB I’m sure we’ll be just as powerful and have more members.

  5. Yeah, that’s really neat to be featured. I really miss the game. Thanks for the blogroll button for me, btw. It’s awesome. :)

  6. woohoo!~ it’s gonna be great!

  7. (sniffle sniffle) I miss my awesome friends!

  8. I was checking the news site and rly surprised to see it haha.

  9. Hi all!!!
    What a surprise to read the article in the hk news!!!
    I miss all that fun…
    See u soon :)

  10. Hey Sailoria, it’s me, Art! XD

    Sorry, I was away for so long. :( I’ve been working on a new project and it demands most of my time. I only got to check blogs now. It’s so sad too that I haven’t visited the HKO blog for such a long time.

    Anyway, as promised, I’m gonna be using 2 accounts in HKO. One in Tom’s blog and one in your blog. I wonder what I’ll be using here… :)

    I’ve been a Sailormoon fan since I was 13. My favorite is Sailor Venus. LOL, i remember buying most of her stuff since the anime was launched in our country. Posters, stickers, trading cards, you name it. hahaha XD

  11. You’re welcome Sailoria! You guys are truly a great guild, and are good examples to other future guilds too :)

  12. Hey! I am going to join your guild in ob! My name was Faith, although I dont know if you remember me. I just searched the Sailor Scouts, and realized that in America, the show was called Sailor Moon, and was just like Sailor Scouts! Unless it was the same. Idk! lol Anyhow I loved that show!!!! So, I would love to join your guild! Did you make all of the members in your guild like blogroll things?? Cause if you did, could you make me one?!?!
    PS - Come check out my blog!

  13. OMG!!! I was being soo dumb! I havent seen the show in a looooonnnnng time, so I forgot what it was about, and that Sailor Moon was the name of the show, and Sailor Scouts was their name! lol Well, You have my vote! I am joining your guild! I loved the Sailor Moon show!

  14. So freaking cool. Oh, good memories. I loved trying to get all of the mats for making our signature red shoes.

  15. I was wondering. If you were the one who made the blog links for your guild members, could you make me one?? I like Sailor Moon, Sailor Jupiter, Raye, and Sailor Mercury! If you could make me one, could one of these characters be on there?? Please comment me back on my blog to tell me if you can. Thank you!
    And See you in OB!

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