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So I know this will be of interest to everyone (especially those of you who don’t check the forums) but we found out last week that HKO open beta will not be released until Q3. That means around September for those of us who don’t speak quarter language :( I know we are a bit disappointed, but it is for good reason! They are making the final improvements and working out the bugs to make sure we have the best gaming experience possible. No more “Help! GM I’m stuck in a tree!” xD

On to the next subject: Our guild name. Some of us were kind of worried that someone would get the same awesome idea to name their guild the Sailor Scouts as well. But never you worry! I talked to our dear and beloved Tadakatsu and he assures me that he will be in the game during the first few seconds of OB and he will create the guild and then hand it right over. He will continue to be a member as well! Yay Tada!

As for those of you wishing to be added to the blog roll, please email me or post a comment here or in the forum letting me know your name and blog address and I will get you a button made as soon as possible, probably within the next week.

I know we have acquired a few new members in the last few weeks, please introduce yourselves and let us know who you are! We love getting to know new people and making new friends! We look forward to playing with you in open beta.

I would also like to congratulate the most amazing ripplecloud on winning the grand prize for the HKO video challenge! Congratulations are in order for shesroyaltee as well, who won the consolation prize! You girls make us so proud!

So the Hello kitty blog team (I’m not sure of their “official” name) decided that we are so fantastic that we should be featured in the Hello kitty news and blog! The article talks about the aspects of community in the game, and how we helped each other out in CB. It is a very well done article, so a huge thank you to whoever wrote it!

I completely agree that the friendship and community aspect is unique to HKO, and I am so thankful to have met and spent time with every one of you! I can’t wait until open beta, because I am sure we can expect much of the same kindness, friendship and fun to be a part of our experience.

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