Hi Guildees,

A couple of guild members have started blogging but
are unsure how to do certain things on their blogs. So we’ve compiled
some useful links into this page for you. Do check them out and we
hope they will be helpful! ;)

Blog basics

  1. Master the blog basics - learn to write and
    put pictures in your very first blog post
  2. The default title of your new blog is called “My Blog”. It’s time
    to give it a cooler name ^^ by changing your blog
  3. You can also change your blog theme and layout. This video shows you

Writing for your blog

  1. You can write a post or write a page for your blog.
  2. Pages are fixed sections of your blog, such as the About page or
    your Link Banner page.

    • For information that you want readers to view easily, write a page.
    • Readers can easily view each of these pages by clicking on the
      page links right at the top of your side bar (right column of your
      blog where all the links are found).
    • Readers can rate but not comment on pages.
  3. Posts are sort of like diary entries.
    • For information that you want to let your readers to be able to
      rate and comment on, write a post.
    • Every new post you write appears at the top of your blog above
      the previous posts.
    • You can decide how many posts you want to display on the first
      page of your blog. Readers can view the older posts by clicking to
      view the next page.
    • All posts are archived by months and your readers can view them
      by clicking on the archive links right under your page links.
  4. Tired of the default black text? Jazz up your posts or pages by
    changing the font face, font size and font

Adding pictures, music, videos to your posts or pages

  1. Here’s how you can upload and resize images for your pages and
  2. Knowing how to align your images is also useful.
  3. Now that you know how to add images, you can try using moods in your posts to share how you feel that day. Here’s a few more moods icons to use if you
  4. You can also post Dream Studio videos, youtube videos and imeem music on your post or

Organising with categories

  1. If you write posts about a specific set of topics, it is easy to
    group posts into
  2. This makes it easy for your readers to quickly find what they
    want to read from you. Links to your posts by category are found
    under your archives on the sidebar.
  3. Categories can be used for grouping your blogroll links as well
    so that your blogroll doesn’t become overly long and confusing.

Start a blogroll

  1. You can add links to other guildees, bloggers and webpages that
    you like on your sidebar. This is called blogrolling.

    • Your blogroll links will appear under the links to your pages,
      archives, categories and rss feeds which are auto-generated on your
    • Here’s how you can add link banners to your
    • If some of your guild friends do not have a link banner yet, you
      can still link them up. Instead of the image, the name that you enter
      for the link will appear instead. Your blogroll links will appear on
      your sidebar ordered alphabatically according to the link names.
    • Now that you have learnt how to add links to your blogroll, don’t
      forget to add Sailor
      Scouts’ Guild blog
      into your blogroll :D Thank you in
    • And remember, if your blogroll links become too long and untidy.
      You can always neaten them by grouping them into
  2. The guild blog links to all guild members.
    • If you want your link to appear as an image banner on the Sailor
      Scouts guild blog, here’s how.
    • Make your image banner and make a page for it.
    • Then leave a comment here on our blog post with your link banner page address (URL). Sailoria will be sure to add it in the guild blogroll ;).
    • Now all other guildees can also use it to link to you!

Adding Clustrmaps, counters and other cool thingamajigs on
the sidebar

  1. GM - Abby has a great post about how to add stuff into your sidebar, check it
  2. Sanriotown moderators have created how-to posts for adding Clustrmaps and adding sidecounters too.

Tools that make blogging easy!

  1. Windows Live Writer (WLW) is one of the blogging tools that Sanriotown moderator Ishida recommends.
  2. BBE has tried WLW and recommends it as well. Check out her post
    on How to blog using Windows Live Writer for setup
  3. Also check out this great article on how to use the many time-saving features that WLW offers at

Other stuff that you may have questions about


We hope you have found this blogging guide useful :) If it still
doesn’t answer the questions you have, please post your questions to
forum users at the Sanriotown blog forum and check back for answers later.

If you find any errors or broken links on this page, or have some
some great blogging article, tips you want to share, do let us know
as well ^_^ Have a good day!

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  1. Wow, rip this is awesome! I didnt know half of this stuff myself! Thanks for putting it all together for us, Im, sure lots of people (including me!) will find it very helpful :D

  2. Oh thank you sooo much!

  3. Ripplecloud, you are the COOLEST!!
    I created my blog banner today. You can see it, and get it off of my blogroll on my blog!! You can also see and get Ripplecloud’s and GM Abby’s.
    I tried to post my blog banner here..but it wouldn’t let me…prolly ’cause this is just a comment and not an actual post.

  4. No problem at all Sailoria ^^

    For anyone having trouble creating image banners, I hope this page is helpful - http://blog.sanriotown.com/ripplecloud:hellokitty.com/link-banner/


  5. Great tips, seriously, the livewriter tool just kicks serious b**t you know a lot!

  6. This was very helpful ^^ Thanks!! :D

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