Guild pic from my farmOk everyone, here are all the email addresses I have so far! If you do not see yourself here, please comment and leave your email address so that I can add it to the list.

sonik -
Michar -
brendakins -
Luna Spiria -
Heidi -
Shannon -
BlondeBlueEyes -
Dennis -
Hak -
Kel -
Kitty! -
Sailoria -
Kupotown -
Dokueki-Kisu -
ripplecloud -
Midnighteyes -
NoMeNot! -
Natura -
Clover -
kaioh75 -
debbie -
shesroyaltee -
gokuangel -
He wasn’t in the guild in CB, but plans to be in open beta:
Tadakatsu -

Please also be sure to check out the forums, I know a lot of favorite GM’s will be hanging out there!

10 Responses to “Email Addresses”

  1. Hi Sailoria :)
    my email is i was in the ss. NoMeNot! also was email is . We all had a awesome last day and moments. Thank you

  2. Hi Sailoria, MidNiteEyes’ email is missing an “h” in “@hellokitty”, please update the email list so she will get future emails. Thanks! ^_^

  3. This has got to be the best guild ever!

  4. glad we have a blog, keep it up everyone.

  5. I’m behind number 7. :/

  6. I already gave you my regular e-mail address but just in case you missed it it is my hello kitty e-mail address is

  7. Thanks Nature. i didnt know if you wanted your regular email given out here, so I didnt list it. Ill be sure to put up your hello kitty one!

  8. Look!! Luna is a Ninja!! See her mask?

  9. Hi, I have to add my email to your list -

    Nice blog!

  10. I just wanted to leave my email address so I can stay in touch and hopefully still be a part of the guild in open beta. Thank you so much for inviting me to join! My email address is Keep in touch!

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